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LoBe London Berlin Art Kunst

LoBe London Berlin Art Kunst

Date: 2008 - 2012

LoBe is a research-led contemporary art space providing artists with an opportunity to develop their practice within an environment that promotes dialogue, collaboration, exhibition making and interdisciplinary research.

The aim of LoBe is to develop meaningful research networks within an international context by giving artists from the UK the opportunity to collaborate with Berlin based artists, writers and theorists. LoBe has aquired a nearly 100 square meters empty shop located in Berlin Wedding – an area where an art scene is emerging. The project connects two vital contemporary art cities in a non-commercial exchange that allows artists to explore their practice with the input of Berlin artists, writers and curators.

LoBe has been set up to facilitate a programme of events in Berlin whereby a British artist is given practical support in creating new work as well as the opportunity of interaction with the Berlin art scene. Each artist involved is invited to make a print for LoBe when back in the UK, to go on sale in the LoBe space. To date, more than 25 artists (including seven members of Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art staff) have been involved in LoBe events.

The programme of events includes:

One month residencies:

These allow an artist from London to work and live in Berlin culminating in a public show. A Berliner will be invited to act as host to the visiting artist, creating a bond to aid an engagement in the practice of art.

10 day projects:

These short residencies also aim to open up the work of a UK artist to discussion by Berliners and involve a small public exhibition.

Guest curators:

Guest curators from London are invited to put on individual projects in the gallery. These projects will also involve dialogue between artists from London and Berlin but in the form of curated exhibitions, live events and/or public discussions.

Exchange projects:

These involve existing gallery spaces in London organising an exhibition or event at LoBe and hosting an exhibition of Berlin based artists in London.


Details of the Hospitality Events which took place in July 2012 can be found here (PDF, 42.8KB)

Further details of the TEGEL - Flights of Fancy project can be found here and you can download the press release here (PDF, 229.5KB) (230KB).

Researchers involved

Julie Westerman - Senior Lecturer - Fine Art

Chloë Brown - Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

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