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2001 - 2012

Transmission is an annual series of lectures and symposia, publications and events now in its tenth year

Transmission is a project that encompasses an annual journal, a series of related publications, a lecture series, symposia and other events. The lecture series is organised by Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University, and is convened by Dr Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Dr Sharon Kivland. Transmission Annual is a yearly publication, edited by Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Sharon Kivland (Sheffield Hallam University), and Dr Michael Corris (The Meadows School of the Arts, SMU, Dallas, Texas), published by Artwords, London.

The Transmission website contains information about the Transmission series of events and publications. It also includes details of the recent conference Transmission: HOSPITALITY, held in July 2010, and Transmission: Annual, the new journal launched at the conference.

The lecture series Transmission: PROVOCATION ran from October 2010 to March 2011. Transmission. CATASTROPHE ran from October 2011 to March 2012. It Transmission. AGENCY – LABOUR, WORK, ACTION, in collaboration with Art Sheffield 2013 ran from October 2012 to March 2013. We are currently working on the theme Transmission. ZERO HOURS – what artists do.

TRANSMISSION ANNUAL. LABOUR,WORK, ACTION is now available from Artwords and other bookshops, and includes contributions from: Ivana Bago, Jordan Bear, Pascal Beausse, Bernard Brunon, Pavel Büchler, Armin Chodzinski, Annie Coll, Michael Corris, Janeil Engelstad, Francesco Finizio, Charlie Gere, Jerome Harrington, David Hopkins, Shannon Jackson, Vincent Victor Jouffe, the Pedagogy Group, Elizabeth Legge, Dale MacFarlane, Roberto Martinez, Mary-Lou Lobsinger, Hester Reeve, Oliver Ressler, John Paul Ricco, Abigail Satinsky, Juliet Steyn.

Taking up the philosopher Hannah Arendt’s reflections on three important human activities – labour, work, action – this book addresses the role that might be played by artist or work of art, and how this makes for agents and agency.

Transmission Annual. Volume IV

Edited by Michael Corris, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Sharon Kivland
With guest editors Maureen Connor and Elizabeth Legge
Artwords Press, London, 2013
Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studios


Researchers involved

Penny McCarthy - Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

Dr Sharon Kivland - Reader in Fine Art, Principal Lecturer

Kirsty Christer  - Research Associate - Publications and Events

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