Mobile Machines and Vision Laboratory

Mobile Machines and Vision Laboratory

The Mobile Machines and Vision Laboratory (MMVL) is a research group under the Centre for Automation and Robotics Research (CARR) within the Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI). The expertise within the MMVL group are diverse but it includes a long standing presence on open-source Computer Vision / Machine Perception, as well as Embedded Systems Engineering and Human Machine Interfaces, in relation to mobile robotics research and its applications.

The main theme of our research is on the connection of artificial perception and physical action. Perception requires extensive processing and interpreting of data generated by sensors. We employ a wide range of perception sensor modalities and sensing technologies, including various types of cameras, ranging lasers and ultrasound devices. Actions are typically performed by robots and multi robot teams, ranging from large to medium and small sized mobile robots. The robots and sensors are applied in structured environments and human machine interactions play an important role.

MMVL has had a long presence in delivering UK Research Councils and European Union projects since 1996; such as, MinimanMicronI-SWARMGUARDIANSVIEW-FINDER and Nanorobotics REPLICATOR (also see past projects). The MMVL led the EPSRC project REINS and the ELASTOMERS Project and BREATHEASY project. Recent projects are Carer-Aid (Marie-Curie), Numbers (EPSRC) and Cathi (IBM).

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