Ceramic materials and powders

Ceramic materials and powders

We offer a full service for the analysis and characterisation of ceramic materials. Our unique combination of materials characterisation and analysis equipment, together with our team of expert and experienced staff in materials research, allows us to deliver the results you require.

Services we offer include

  • identification of a material composition including trace elements (XRF, SEM-EDX)
  • hardness, micro-hardness (Vickers and Knoop) and nano-hardness
  • fracture toughness (indentation method)
  • tribological properties (abrasive wear, dry sliding wear, friction etc)
  • impact and impact fatigue
  • density (by Archimedes method) and hence porosity determination
  • grain size measurement (by etching and optical microscopy or SEM)
  • phase identification (XRD, Raman and/or SEM-EDX)
  • grain boundary phase identification (SEM-EDX or TEM-EDX)
  • failure analysis and fractography (SEM)
  • identification of inclusions and impurities
  • testing, analysis and evaluation of ceramic coatings (eg PVD TiYAlN or Keronite (Al 2O 3 or MgO)
For more information please contact MERI reception on 0114 225 3500 or email meri@shu.ac.uk

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