The National HIPIMS Technology Centre

The National HIPIMS Technology Centre

HIPIMS - High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering is the latest development in PVD coating deposition technology. The main point of focus is the understanding of the HIPIMS process, film nucleation and growth and development of next generation coating technologies.

We undertake research in plasma and discharge physics to elucidate the mechanisms of plasma generation and study the development of plasma chemistry.

We study process-microstructure-performance relationships in plasma-deposited thin films.

We are active in the following areas of research

  • plasma and discharge diagnostics of HIPIMS, ionised PVD methods and plasma-enhanced diffusion treatments
  • thin film growth - microstructure evolution and self-organisation phenomena
  • nanoscale multilayers and nanocomposites

Applications include coating performance at high temperature, corrosion, fatigue, and wear in air and vacuum, coverage of high-aspect ratio vias for semiconductor wafer packaging, cryogenic materials, photovoltaic cell layers – absorbers, back and front contacts, biocompatible, antibacterial coatings.

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