Free leadership innovation webinars

Open to SMEs in the Sheffield City Region.

Leading change

Develop your leadership skills and lead sustainable cultural and organisational change projects. We will examine a range of concepts such as contracting, change definition, stakeholder management, implementation planning and evaluation.

Who the course is aimed at

We invite applications from mid- and senior-level people who need to improve their change leadership skills. You may be about to start a new change project, or in the middle of an existing organisational change project which may not be going as well as you expected.

Benefits for you and your business

Poor planning, engagement and delivery mean that most organisation change projects fail to meet their objectives. This can have a lasting impact on small business growth — affecting morale, operations and profitability.

This leadership course allows you to better understand and tackle the challenges faced by your organisation during a period of change.

You’ll understand new concepts and apply them directly to your organisation — developing an action plan to enhance your own leadership knowledge, skills and competencies.

Course Overview

On this highly practical course, you’ll analyse one of your real change projects. As input we invite you to bring a one-page description of the organisational change, what has been achieved to date and the challenges you face.

The day is structured into three main sections.

  • Firstly, you’ll examine the rationale for change leadership and look at frameworks for change.
  • You’ll then examine a series of change leadership concepts and apply them to your own change project. This will include, for example, how to manage stakeholders, ways of defining change and enabling behaviour change.
  • Finally, you will develop an action plan to further enhance your change leadership knowledge, skills and competence for your own benefit and your organisation's performance.

Delivery Methods

Our teaching methods are work-based and centred around the principles of active learning.

You’ll learn practical concepts and apply them to your real-life work projects. You’ll reflect on this application and your learning, and also learn from the rest of your cohort.

We will support your learning with examples, case studies, class discussions, small group work and personal reflection.


Date to be confirmed

Location — Sheffield Hallam University’s City Campus

Fees — £400 per person

Free leadership innovation webinars

Open to SMEs in the Sheffield City Region.

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