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Academic Quality, Standards and Enhancement Committee

Academic Quality, Standards and Enhancement Committee


To advise and make recommendations to Academic Board on

  • the University's strategies, policies and procedures relating to the setting and maintenance of academic standards and the quality assurance of the University's awards
  • the University's strategies, policies and procedures for the curriculum, learning, teaching and assessment

Terms of reference from 2015-16

  • To consider and recommend approval to Academic Board of University policies, procedures, regulations and frameworks relating to
    • Academic quality assurance, management and enhancement
    • Academic standards, Academic awards and credit, Academic approval, monitoring, modification and review of collaborative provision
    • Entry to academic programmes
    • Design and management of the curriculum
    • Learning, teaching and assessment
  • To receive and consider
    • Reports and annual action plans from Departmental Boards and College Academic Boards including issues to be addressed at an institutional level arising from annual and periodic monitoring and review activity, other reviews and thematic enquiries.
    • Reports and action plans relating to quality enhancement and learning and teaching developments.
  • To monitor, advise and make recommendations to Academic Board on
    • operation of the quality framework and its processes
    • operation of the Academic Awards Framework, assessment regulations and associated policies
    • University engagement with national requirements for standards, quality and learning and teaching
    • appointment of, and reporting by, external examiners
    • policies and processes for the management of quality and standards of award-bearing provision delivered with others
    • policies and procedures relating to the quality and standards of research degrees
    • Policies and processes relating to student engagement and the quality of the student experience. This includes consideration of student feedback, module evaluations, surveys, the NSS and relevant committees.
    • Overseeing the operation for the University's internal 'cause for concern' procedures and recommending internal quality and standards audits, as required.
  • To guide and monitor preparation for external reviews, outcomes and action plans including QAA Higher Education Review and PSRB activity and reporting
  • To report to other University and College committees, particularly College Quality Committees, as appropriate, on any issues relevant to their terms of reference
  • To consider relevant sector consultations and the University's response
  • To propose time-limited working groups as may be necessary to support effective discharge of the terms of reference
  • To receive confirmed minutes of its sub-committees and Departmental Boards
  • To report annually to the Academic Board on the operation of the Committee and on its effectiveness in terms of discharge of its Terms of Reference
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