The Board is supported by a dedicated committee structure (PDF, 100.9KB). All committees are formally constituted with terms of reference and act under delegated powers and/or in advisory capacity.

Academic Assurance Committee

Advises the Board on regulations around academic quality, degree standards and student academic experience.

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Audit and Risk Committee

Advises the Board on the University's financial statements and monitors performance of internal and external auditors.

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Board Officers Group

A discussion forum for the Chairs of the Board and its committees and the Board appointed members of the University Executive.

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Governance and Nominations Committee

Recommends effective governance arrangements and the appointment of members to the Board and its Committees.

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Finance and Employment Committee

Monitors the University's development relating to financial sustainability, estate, HROD and digital strategy.

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Remuneration Committee

Determines salaries and conditions for senior post holders, and reviews appropriateness of severance arrangements.

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