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Frequently asked questions

Why are we creating a charter?

The Student Charter has been produced to summarise the mutual expectations, entitlements and responsibilities which are shared by Sheffield Hallam University students, the University and the Students’ Union. The charter aims to be one of the many sources of information available which outlines what it means to be a student at Sheffield Hallam University.

The development of the Student Charter was informed by the Student Charter Group which was established by the government to consider good practice in the production of student charters. More information on the work of the Student Charter Group can be found in their final report (PDF, 1.15MB).

Who is it for?

The charter applies to all students at Sheffield Hallam University, undergraduate and postgraduate (taught and research students). It is mainly intended for current students and staff, although it may also be of interest to prospective students.

How long does it last?

The charter will be reviewed and refreshed regularly.

Who designed it?

The charter was designed and produced by the University, in partnership with the Students’ Union. Both staff and students have contributed to the contents.

What do students need to do with it?

The charter is a reference point for students and staff to consider the nature of the rights and responsibilities of all those included within the University’s learning community. It does not constitute a legally binding contract, but gives an overview of how we work in partnership in the diverse range of areas which make up the student experience.

As a member of staff, how can I make use of it?

As a member of staff you might consider

  • how your work contributes to the rights and expectations which we have set out for our students
  • how you might use the charter to inform your expectations of the students you work with
  • contributing your ideas as to how the charter might be developed further

How can we get students to be aware of it / engage with it?

We can raise the profile of the charter with students during their induction programmes. Hallam Union will also work with student course reps to increase students' awareness and use of the charter.

Can we start using this in our business planning?

Yes, staff should consider how they want to reflect on the charter through their annual quality review processes and business planning. The Students' Union has used the Student Charter as the basis for their refreshed Student Written Submission. Both students and staff should be encouraged to reflect on the extent to which they are meeting the expectations and responsibilities outlined in the charter, and plan appropriate action to address any areas which would benefit from improvement.

In addition, the University will consider how it might develop a consistent approach to ensuring the quality of the student experience which will enable new assertions to be made within the charter.

What about open days and interviews?

The charter may help prospective students to develop a sense of what it means to be a student at Sheffield Hallam University. It may help inform discussions about the University experience, and how it may differ from their previous experiences.

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