Research and Innovation Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Academic Board and the Vice Chancellor’s Group in relation to:
    • The University’s strategies for research, innovation and regional economic development;
    • The policies required for, and the impact of other University policies on, the implementation of the strategies;
    • The response to external bodies where their policies and initiatives have a major impact on the strategies;
    • The selective prioritisation of support for research and innovation and the deployment of related funding;
    • The organisational structures for delivering research and innovation, and the criteria and procedures for University recognition.
  1. To receive reports on:
    • The implementation of policies through the approved frameworks;
    • The success of the University in meeting the research, innovation and regional economic development strategy targets;
    • College Research and Innovation Activities.
  1. To advise Colleges through the provision of appropriate frameworks, processes and examples of good practice.
  1. To establish such sub-committees and working groups as may be necessary to support effective discharge of the terms of reference.
  1. To report annually to the Academic Board on the operation of the Committee and on the policies and their implementation within the Committee’s purview.
  1. To advise the Research Excellence Framework Implementation Group (RIG) as may be necessary to support the effective implementation of the Research Excellence Framework
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