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The Student Voice Committee

The Student Voice Committee

The Student Voice Committee is a sub-committee of the University's Academic Quality Standards and Enhancement Committee.

It is a joint committee of the University and the Students' Union, co-chaired by the chief executive officer of Sheffield Hallam Students' Union and the head of quality enhancement at Sheffield Hallam University. It has two co-secretaries - one from the Students' Union and one from the University.

Its purpose is to

  • demonstrate the partnership and facilitate collaborative working between the Students' Union, the University and students
  • provide a mechanism to embed the student voice into the University’s and the Students' Union’s structures and operations
  • provide a forum for the University and Students' Union to explore and debate issues emerging from students and propose measures to enhance the student experience
  • provide a forum to identify and share good practice across the Sheffield Hallam Community and the sector

Terms of reference

  • To have responsibility for the development and review of the Student Charter, and to monitor and review its effectiveness and complete the annual review of its content, visibility and promotion across the University.
  • To advise on the delivery and review the impact of the responses to the implementation of the annual Hallam Union Student Voice report recommendations.
  • To monitor and review the University’s approach to student engagement so that it provides an opportunity for all students to be involved in the enhancement of the student experience.
  • To monitor and review the effectiveness of student engagement mechanisms.
  • To work in partnership to provide strategic oversight of the Student Representative System.
  • To send and receive reports or updates, as relevant, to and from other groups.
  • To report annually to the Academic Quality, Standards and Enhancement Committee on the operation of the Student Voice Committee and on its effectiveness in terms of discharge of its terms of reference.
  • To report annually to the Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Council and Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Trustee Board on the operation of the Student Voice Committee and on its effectiveness in terms of discharge of its Terms of Reference.

The Student Rep Operations Group

The Student Rep Operations Group is a sub-group of the Student Voice Committee.

Like the Student Voice Committee, the group's membership is shared between the University and Students' Union. It

  • evaluates, manages and improves the Student Rep System
  • ensures that it gives a voice to students, enabling them to contribute to the improvement of courses and University services

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