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College Academic Board

College Academic Board

The College Academic Board is the supreme academic body in the college. It is responsible to the University's Academic Board for academic matters concerned with the academic activities of the college. It may consider and advise the college's Pro Vice-Chancellor on the development of the college's academic activities and other matters as requested. Its primary roles are considering academic policy, assuring the academic quality and standards of the college's programmes and monitoring the effectiveness of academic delivery. The Board oversees and coordinates the work of academic committees and boards in the college.

Terms of reference

1 Academic Policy
i) To approve the overall academic policy of the college;
ii) To consider the college’s response to emerging policy discussions at University and national level;
  iii) To engage with the staff of the college on current and emerging academic issues;
  iv) To advise the Academic Board of issues relating to the implementation of current academic policies in the college;
  v To consider and report on any other issue referred to it by the Academic Board.
2 Academic Development
  i) To consider and advise on the college’s annual and strategic plans;
  ii) To consider and advise on strategic developments in the college’s educational portfolio and research and business development activities.
3 Academic Quality and Standards
  i) To assure the academic quality and standards of the college's programmes and to report to the Academic Board through the appropriate committees on those assurances and any associated issues,
  ii) To consider and advise on reports of the academic quality and standards of the college's programmes including Departmental Boards' annual reviews.
4 Academic Delivery
  i)  To be responsible to the Academic Board for monitoring the effectiveness of the arrangements for the delivery of the college's academic activities;
  ii) To report annually to the Academic Board on the effectiveness of the academic governance arrangements in the college;
  iii) To ensure the University's policies on equality and diversity are taken into account in the fulfilment of these terms of reference.

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