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Get involved

Our aim is to bring equality, diversity and inclusion to the heart of the University ensuring all potential and current staff, students and other stakeholders are treated fairly, and are not discriminated against on grounds of age, disability, gender identity and expression, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, race including ethnic or national origins colour or nationality, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, family circumstances, or any other irrelevant distinction.

Staff Networks

Our staff networks are run by and for staff at the University. They hold regular meetings as well as organise and take part in events and activities to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion issues. Staff networks provide safe welcoming spaces for people to meet, share ideas and experiences, inspire and support each other. They also provide opportunities for staff to be active and influential in decision-making processes and effecting positive change across the University.

Hallam LGBT+ staff network - the network's mission is 'To drive positive change and to create and promote a safe, supportive environment for LGBT+ communities at Sheffield Hallam University and the city'. Members regularly get involved in LGBT+ activities throughout the year. For more information, please visit the Hallam LGBT+ blog. You can sign up to the Hallam LGBT+ staff network here or email

Allies network - the network was launched in October 2017 and is a network for employees who want to make Sheffield Hallam to be a more inclusive workplace for our LGBT+ colleagues. This network works closely with Hallam LGBT+ staff network. For more information and to join please email or visit the Allies section on Hallam LGBT+'s blog to sign up online.

Race network - the network relaunched in July 2018 and is committed to to raising the profile of race equality at Sheffield Hallam, valuing the voices of Black and Minority Ethnic staff, career progression and community engagement. For more information and to join please email

Spark! staff disability network - Spark's mission is 'Supporting Sheffield Hallam to become a sector leading employer for disabled people by informing and advising at all levels of practice and policy development using the principles of the social model of disability'. For more information and to join please visit Spark's blog or email

Genders network - the network's mission is 'To create an environment to facilitate communication, debate and research across and beyond the University, focused on genders and to drive positive change'. For more information and to join please email

Parent and Carer network - the network's mission is 'To support parents and carers to maximise their potential at Sheffield Hallam University. To drive positive change to enable the University to recognise and benefit from the talent of this staff group'. For more information please email

If you would like more information about joining staff networks please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team for more details.

Student Liberation Groups

Student Liberation Groups are run by and for students at the University. For more information contact Sheffield Hallam Student Union.