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AWRC projects

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Planet Wellbeing: Using Extended Reality to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Loneliness

One in 15 people aged 50+ are often lonely, rising to one in three for those who are widowed, and one in four for those in poor health. Loneliness and social isolation have numerous health consequences including 26% increased mortality likelihood and more than doubling the risk of developing dementia.

I'M ACTIVE - Intelligent Multimodal Assessment and Coaching Through Identification of Vulnerabilities in Older People

The IM ACTIVE project will study the design of a smart integrated system that can provide continuous tailored support to older adults to achieve and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

EMERGENCE: Healthcare Robots from Labs into Service

The network will facilitate innovative digital solutions for the care of older people via the creation of a sustainable healthcare robotics eco-system.

Etexsense: cuff development and testing

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a medical device that treats foot drop (inability to lift the toes during walking) in multiple sclerosis or following stroke. It works by applying pulses of current to paralysed muscles.

Developing new technology for Sheffield Children's Hospital

We are working with Sheffield Children's Hospital and The Children's Hospital Charity to develop new, globally innovative technologies in paediatric care.

Robotics for children with special needs

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are being supported during clinical appointments by robots, developed in a partnership between the AWRC Sheffield Children's Hospital and the Children's Hospital Charity.