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How do I?

How do I request a replacement award certificate?

Award certificates are issued to students following the sucessful completion of the course and confirmation of an award. If you have lost or damaged your award certificate, you can order a replacement on the above link.

How do I request a transcript of my results?

Transcripts are official documents that detail the modules you studied during your course, and the marks you achieved.

How do I request verification of my degree?

Verification documents are official letters confirming the basic details of your course and the award you achieved, including award type, classification, mode of attendance, and dates of study.

How do I access SHUspace after I graduate?

When you have received your final results, you will no longer have access to SHUspace. However your My Student Record is available for up to five years after completing your studies.

How do I find alumni to invite to a reunion?

Organising a reunion is a fantastic way to catch up with old friends, share stories and reminisce about your time at Sheffield Hallam University. We can find graduates from the same year as you and contact them on your behalf.

How do I request a breakdown of my course syllabus?

A breakdown of your course syllabus details the modules studied during your course and the subject content of these modules.

How do I request a reference?

References come in two forms - an academic reference relating purely to your programme of study and your academic achievement; and a personal reference, which is produced by a member of staff who knows you. This type of reference relates to your abilities, character, and your attendance and engagement with your course.

How do I update my details?

Updating your details ensures you receive the most relevant news, events and opportunities from the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

How do I request supporting documents for my WES form?

The World Education Services offers an international credential evaluation to enable graduates to work in the U.S. or Canada. You can order the documentation that is required to complete your form here.

How do I request an award certificate attestation?

An award attestation is an officially verified copy of your award certificate. If you require this service, you can request it here.

If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us.

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