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Querying Queer Histories and Public Memorial - Towards Memorial after Edward Carpenter (1844 - 1929)

In a period of political and social uncertainty, how can what you wear help to express your beliefs and what you stand for? TOWARDS MEMORIAL is an art project that explores this question by remaking a pair of sandals designed and made by the socialist writer, poet and activist Edward Carpenter (1844-1929).

A share of a pensioner’s Christmas Bonus

We got presents that were donated…. I got a little cheap plastic watch and a coat that my auntie had made, but I just didn’t even care ’cos I was having so much fun


ASUNDER tells the story of what happened to an English town during the First World War, with almost all of its men abroad fighting and its women and children left behind.

We Are All Migrants

The research enquiry sought to explore and illuminate issues of migration in 20th century Europe in relation to questions of culture and identity.


Ymedaca was a multi-modal art work that created the largest sculpture ever exhibited at YSP by recasting its entire grounds and facilities as a contemporary translation of Plato’s garden academy

The Copy

‘COPY’ explores the ways that crossing a historic medium like drawing with technological viewing platforms can open up a space for thinking about the ways images are communicated and conveyed


This research examines a viewer’s experience of an ‘original’, authentic artefact and has generated the following outcomes: 23 mixed media drawings, a live work, a digital app, a limited edition print work and a print portfolio.

The Archive

Compiled entirely from archive materials including a de-classified FBI file, The Archive tells the incredible story of David Drucker, a lawyer in 1940s America.

From Scotland With Love

Virginia Heath's BAFTA-nominated documentary evokes the spirit of 20th century Scotland