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Querying Queer Histories and Public Memorial - Towards Memorial after Edward Carpenter (1844 - 1929)

In a period of political and social uncertainty, how can what you wear help to express your beliefs and what you stand for? TOWARDS MEMORIAL is an art project that explores this question by remaking a pair of sandals designed and made by the socialist writer, poet and activist Edward Carpenter (1844-1929).

Entreprise de séduction

ENTREPRISE DE SÉDUCTION address the complex relations between desire and consumption under capitalism, reconceptualised as the capture and remoulding of desire, figured in the fabrics of Jouy.

Mirror I: Hierarchy

Mirror I: Hierarchy was devised to explore the anxieties and thought-processes of two protagonists within the world of surgery – the patient and the surgeon.

The Archive

Compiled entirely from archive materials including a de-classified FBI file, The Archive tells the incredible story of David Drucker, a lawyer in 1940s America.

Place in Time the work of Tim Simmons

The research ‘Place in Time’ originated in a commission from landscape artist Tim Simmons to develop a publication that would introduce his work to new and wider audiences

From Scotland With Love

Virginia Heath's BAFTA-nominated documentary evokes the spirit of 20th century Scotland

A Soft Rebellion in Paradise

This enquiry focuses on the post-industrial city of Sheffield, its female citizens, and their empowerment, explored through filmed participatory performance, and extends Brown’s methodologies developed in Detroit from 2015-2017.

Come and Go

This exhibition formed part of a continuing enquiry into observational hierarchies and the exceptional use of surveillance technologies on digital interactions.

Mirror II: Distance

Mirror II: Distance is a dual-screen video installation. It was produced as the result of two field trips to Pakistan in 2015 focussing on the heavily fortified diplomatic enclave of Islamabad.

Artist Substance

‘Artist Substance’ is a quasi-philosophical term Reeve devised to denote a speculative model of art’s ontological operation as a reciprocal relationship between ‘Art’ brought into physical existence and an existential capacity within a human creature that simultaneously becomes activated (‘ontologically carved’) through the non-verbal creation process

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