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Gender and Design

This body of work investigates how design research informed by feminist theory and philosophy can facilitate future design ontologies conceived beyond normative patriarchal and capitalist value constructs.

Repository of Irrational Gestures (Rigs)

The Repository of Irrational Gestures proposes and tests the notion that moving image work and sonic composition can critically investigate and illuminate the turbulent but permeable boundaries that differentiate between ‘rational’ and ‘irrational’ actions, thinking and/or behaviours.

Writing the Design History of Computers

This research investigates what factors are particular to research in the area of the design history of recent technologies, and asks how those factors might be mitigated.

How Deep is Your Love

Becky Shaw's research project explores Calgarian’s emotional attachment to their man-made and industrial water infrastructure

Trigger Point

This work developed and tested systems that can inform and add to the growing debates within the social, artistic and cultural sectors regarding the need to develop new cultural, social and political geographies for the city as proposed from Henri Lefebvre, to Kevin Lynch and Georgs Simmel.

Sculpture Park Hill and Park Hill Plinths

Park Hill Plinths is an ambitious new permanent site-specific public sculpture for the interior landscape of the iconic Brutalist Grade 2* Park Hill estate in Sheffield, the largest listed structure in Europe

Room with a VDU

The research for this journal article explores the design history of a relatively short-lived phenomenon— the glass-walled secure rooms in which mainframe computers were housed within corporate workplaces in the 1960s and 1970s.

Black Shoals; Dark Matter

"Black Shoals; Dark Matter” is an art-based enquiry into the aesthetics of financial data and how it manifests a relationship with power.

Weather Prediction by Numerical Process - a Forecast for Europe

Weather Prediction by Numerical Process - a Forecast for Europe is a performance and exhibition where the weather is forecast through human labour, thus turning the act of computation into a social, performative and collaborative action.


Vindskaber was an inquiry into how the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality might impact on our perception and understanding of the landscape in the future.

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