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Hybrid Display Structures

The installation Hybrid-Display Structures navigates the complex relationship between the legacy of exhibition making and the contemporaneous reach of curation as art practice, in order to examine the autonomous and authorial positions of artworks.

A Soft Rebellion in Paradise

This enquiry focuses on the post-industrial city of Sheffield, its female citizens, and their empowerment, explored through filmed participatory performance, and extends Brown’s methodologies developed in Detroit from 2015-2017.

Mirror III: Horizon

Mirror III: Horizon is a two-channel video installation. The project examines the challenges to trust that can occur when identities cannot be verified.

Come and Go

This exhibition formed part of a continuing enquiry into observational hierarchies and the exceptional use of surveillance technologies on digital interactions.

Querying Queer Histories and Public Memorial - Towards Memorial after Edward Carpenter (1844 - 1929)

In a period of political and social uncertainty, how can what you wear help to express your beliefs and what you stand for? TOWARDS MEMORIAL is an art project that explores this question by remaking a pair of sandals designed and made by the socialist writer, poet and activist Edward Carpenter (1844-1929).

Mirror II: Distance

Mirror II: Distance is a dual-screen video installation. It was produced as the result of two field trips to Pakistan in 2015 focussing on the heavily fortified diplomatic enclave of Islamabad.

A Soft Rebellion in Detroit

This enquiry questions the cultural representation of post-industrial cities, whose ‘reason for being’, their industry, has transformed so significantly that the use of their nicknames e.g. ‘The Motor City’ (Detroit), becomes a melancholy gesture that talks only about the past

A share of a pensioner’s Christmas Bonus

We got presents that were donated…. I got a little cheap plastic watch and a coat that my auntie had made, but I just didn’t even care ’cos I was having so much fun


a ROLE to PLAY brings together the lived experiences and dreams of Bolsover residents, one of the most deprived towns in the middle of England.


Calendar is a solo exhibition that furthered Wilson’s exploration of private and public meanings in relation to material culture

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