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Current students

Current students

These are our currents student and the work being undertaken by them.

Paul Anderson
Relocation as a way of ending homelessness

Alvaro Castano Garcia
Reconnecting with energy: using innovative research methods to overcome energy invisibility

Christopher Devany
'Hidden NEETs'; Understanding marginalisation through relational class

Lorna Dowrick
Understanding the impact of enduring public sector austerity on local civil society-state relationships

Irene González Pijuan
Growing up in Energy Poverty

Becky Greenwood
Exploring the role of informal urban community support in homeless women’s sense of dignity

Laurie Heykoop
Green Jobs: The Low Carbon Economy and Labour Market Disadvantage

Ben Ledger-Jessop
Precarity among migrant workers and barriers to accessing formal support

Joe McMullan
A Working-Class Backlash”? An Exploration of How Class, Culture and Identity Shape ‘Rupture’ in a Post Brexit World

Larissa Povey
Female Ex-offenders and Welfare Conditionality

Mia Rafalowicz-Campbell
Equity in the provision of active travel infrastructure - learning from a city-region approach

Carina Skropke
Community ownership of physical assets in changing times

Josie Soutar
Social Impact Bonds and the implications for small and medium-sized UK charities

Josie Wilson
Active Travel and the School Commute 

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