Molly Turrell

Molly Turrell

Investigating Reproductive Experiences and Decision-Making Among Homeless Women in England and Australia

Homeless women are underrepresented in both academic and policy research. The literature that does exist foregrounds the unique set of challenges that they face at every stage of their reproductive lives. These include adverse reproductive and maternal health outcomes, significant unmet need in accessing health services and difficulties in preparing for motherhood.

Molly’s research explores homelessness through a gendered lens in order to shed light on the inequalities that women face which make them more vulnerable to, and impact upon, their experiences of homelessness. This is contextualised within the geopolitical landscapes of the UK and Australia that are characterised by a neoliberal rationality which has led to a reduction of the welfare state, a withdrawal of investment in social housing and the introduction of state policies which fail to address the structural factors that force women into homelessness.

This PhD seeks to address the stark knowledge gap on the lived experiences of homeless women, particularly regarding their experiences of reproductive decision-making, and advance insights into the needs of this population.

Funded by the global partnership joint scholarship programme with La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

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