Josie Wilson

Josie Wilson

Active Travel and the School Commute

This postgraduate research is looking at the journey to school with a specific focus on the transition from primary school to secondary school. Currently children are increasingly demonstrating an upward trend towards obesity and the journey to school provides an opportunity for active travel and engaging in some level of physical activity.

Current government statistics note that only 44 percent of pupils aged from 5 to 16 walk or cycle to school (DfT 2019). This presents an opportunity to reflect on the choices and decisions made and to objectively assess both the perceptions and reality of barriers and benefits of active travel to school by pupils and adults with the primary responsibility for the pupil. The research is also working with Modeshift Stars.

Contact details

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Ed Ferrari (Main supervisor)
Steve Parkes (2nd supervisor)

Key References

Department of Transport (2019) National Travel Survey. Retrieved from