Can I use clearing?

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We're open for clearing applications.

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Can I use clearing?

Good news — it’s not too late to apply for university in 2024.

Clearing is your opportunity to find a course and start university this September.

We're now open for applications, and you just need your predicted grades to get started.

The sooner you apply, the more likely it is that your course will still be available. Start by talking to one of our advisers. They can help you find the right course and start your application.


Who is clearing for?

Most people apply through clearing because they didn't get their predicted grades or they had a change of heart about going to university. 

You can also apply through clearing if:

Results and grades

Your clearing application will be assessed on your qualification results. But we’ll also take your other accreditations and experiences into account.

You can also apply through clearing if you haven’t received all your grades yet.

If we do make you an offer, it will be conditional on your results—a final decision will be made when your grades have been confirmed.

Foundation Years

If you didn't get the grades you needed for the undergraduate degree you applied to, you might be able to apply for the foundation year in the same subject. Find out more.

Holding a place

Did you know that you can apply through clearing even if you’re holding a place at another university?

If we offer you a place, make sure you wait until you receive your confirmation email. You’ll need to release yourself from your previous place on the UCAS Hub.

You will also need to inform Student Finance England that you have changed university.

Requesting a release

Once you've been released from your current place you can't change your mind and go back to your initial selection, so it's important to be sure about your decision!

International applicants

If you're an international student, please use our international application form instead of applying through clearing. 

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We're open for clearing applications.

How to apply