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How study abroad works

How study abroad works

The expression of interest process

  • Once you’ve decided you’d like to study abroad, take a look at your options and where you can go. You can find this information through our partner institutions page.
  • If you are planning to study abroad please ensure that you have not committed to private rented accommodation for a full year as you may not be able to withdraw from this for your mobility. Further information on accommodation, if you are planning to study abroad, can be found in our college presentations.
  • Research our partner institutions and destination countries, making sure you’re aware of the cost of living, accommodation and travel requirements, as well as any visa or health insurance costs.
  • At this point you might want to get some advice by making an appointment with the International Experience Team or your Internationalisation Lead/Country Co-ordinator or equivalent.
  • When you’ve made your choice, complete an expression of interest form. You are recommended to choose three institutions (if available) to increase your chances of being nominated. Some exchange partners are oversubscribed. Please ensure you select only one non-European partner as part of your three choices. If you want to study abroad in the 2023/24 academic year, the deadline for submitting your expression of interest form is Friday 3 March 2023.

The University has a legal responsibility to support disabled students by making reasonable adjustments. This is achieved primarily through the provision of Learning Contracts and the delivery of specialist services for disabled students. We welcome Expressions of Interest to study abroad from students with disabilities. Disability should not be a barrier to mobility. If required, we will facilitate communication with your host institution to enable reasonable adjustments to be made. There may also be funding available to support additional costs incurred.

How allocations are made

Allocations of study abroad places are made on the basis of your expression of interest form, which includes a personal statement. Your personal statement should not exceed 1000 words and will be scored according to the following criteria:

  1. Why you have chosen the partner institution(s) and selected the specific course / modules
  2. How you feel the study abroad will support your future studies and personal development
  3. How you plan to be a positive ambassador for Sheffield Hallam University during your study abroad
  • You must be fully engaged with your current course of study, have good attendance and have successfully completed at least level 4 of your undergraduate course prior to your exchange.
  • Following your expression of interest, you will be notified whether you have been approved to study abroad and at which partner you have been provisionally allocated a place. If successful, you will be notified of your allocated university during the week commencing 27 March 2023.
  • Accept or decline your allocation by Wednesday 19 April 2023.

Application to Partner

You will be sent information about the application procedure and deadlines for your allocated university. You must submit an application to the partner university prior to their application deadline. You won’t need to do this until April/May ahead of your Semester 1 study abroad placement or September/October ahead of your semester 2 study abroad placement. You can get further information and guidance from your Internationalisation Lead / Country Co-ordinator or equivalent.

Once you have applied you must:

  • research your partner institution and host city/country
  • attend any study exchange support sessions you are invited to
  • complete a number of pre-departure tasks on UniHub. These tasks include a travel briefing and checklist, a University travel insurance request form and an in-depth risk assessment form requiring verification from your Departmental Internationalisation Lead (or equivalent). Details to follow.
  • in the meantime, you are advised to read Bon Voyage: Everything you need to know before you go abroad (PDF, 9.7MB), which will help you with your planning and preparation.

Learning Agreement

When instructed, you will be required to submit your learning agreement and/or funding agreement. You will receive guidance about this by email.


All outbound mobility in 2023/24 academic year is subject to any relevant Covid-19 restrictions.


Please contact with any further questions.

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