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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

There are several documents that set out the expectations and responsibilities of all those involved in the partnership between student midwives, clinical staff and Link Lecturers in the clinical education of student midwives.

Students are advised that they must follow their placement provider's policies and guidelines at all times while on placement.

Student, university lecturer, LEM and practice supervisor and assessor roles

The Nursing and Midwifery Council's Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment have been in force since January 2019, providing guidance on the roles of Supervisors and Assessors.

The Link Lecturer Operating Principles (PDF, 154.1KB) explain how university link lecturers support students, supervisors, assessors and others who support student learning in practice.

The Lead Link Lecturer and Link Team (PDF, 147.2KB) - essential activities complement and support the Link Lecturer role.

Roles and Responsibilities at the Student Interface document (PDF, 159.8KB) outlines the roles of the student, staff working in the placement provider setting, university staff linking with the placement learning environment and others contributing to the placement learning experience.

Academic Adviser role (PDF, 227.5KB).

Supernumerary Status



Placement learning expectations

Placement Learning Expectations

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