Practice Based Learning Placement Educator Preparation and Support

Practice Based Learning Placement Educator Preparation and Support

L'APPLE Courses - 2024–2025

This section contains information which will be of interest to Practice Placement Educators (PPEs). We hope the information on this page will be useful to you.

Whilst there is no HCPC requirement for practice educators to be approved, we encourage this as good practice as it improves the experience of the student and the educator and is an important part of the quality assurance of placement learning.  

Things have changed

APPLE Accreditation for Occupational Therapy Practice Educators does not exist as it once did, and as of 31st August 2020 has ceased being managed by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT).

It is now L'APPLE - approval for Occupational Therapy Practice Educators.

The course is a collaboration between the three universities (HEIs) in the Trent region. It allows participants to begin the process of becoming approved to take students from any of these three HEIs (i.e. Sheffield Hallam University, University of Derby and University of Lincoln).

The word approved has been presented in bold to indicate that the course does not attract academic credit and is not ratified formally by the participating HEIs.

L'APPLE Courses 2024–25

From March 2024 the way we offer L'Apple practice educator training is changing.

For new educators:

The course training will now be hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, The Universities of Lincoln, Derby and Nottingham Trent University. All courses begin at 9:30 registation for a 10am start, the course finishes at 2pm. The course is face-to-face:

The process for new educators to sign up for L'Apple training will remain the same.  Please contact the placement team at one of the three host universities via email to express interest as follows:

  1. University of Derby -
  2. Sheffield Hallam University -
  3. University of Lincoln -

For existing educators requiring an update:

The five-year revalidation requirement has been removed and existing educators will not need to repeat the initial L'Apple training.


  • 9th July 2024 12am-1pm New placement models in Occupational Therapy at SHU
  • 12th September 2024 12am-1pm Understanding student’s learning needs

Please email to register for online workshops

Additionally, the Viva process will also be removed for both new and existing educators.

We will instead be offering placement briefings and practice education related CPD events across the three universities across the year (details to follow) and would encourage educators to attend these as a means of maintaining up to date knowledge and skills in practice education.  Responsibility for the monitoring of this will pass to individuals as part of meeting personal CPD and HCPC requirements and you are encouraged to regularly offer student placement opportunities to maintain your competence in practice education.

Details of Sheffield Hallam University CPD events will be posted here on this webpage and local updates will be offered by link tutors.

Practice Educator Updates and Opportunities to Become a Long Arm Practice Educator

It is important to keep updated as a practice placement educator. Here at Sheffield Hallam University we encourage our practice placement educators to complete an update annually.  At Sheffield Hallam University we provide update opportunities in a range of ways.


The following Core areas must be included in all Practice Educator updates:

  • HCPC professional standards, including new Standards of Conduct Performance and Ethics
  • Overview of the students' university programme
  • Assessment process that occurs in practice
  • Process to follow when a student is failing to progress
  • How to access placement learning information websites for key information and SHU contacts
  • How to access placement learning information websites for key information about support available to Mentors/Practice Educators/Supervisors in their role in supporting the students
  • Where SHU placement learning policies are housed on the SHU placement learning information websites
  • Processes for escalation of concerns, and the essential need for the practice based learning placement provider to communicate with the university about any incidents or accidents or concerns

Many Trusts offer practice placement educator meetings anywhere between twice yearly and quarterly.  These meetings allow a two-way discussion between practice placement educators and the visiting tutor around Practice Based Learning.  Often the visiting tutor will update practice placement educators on aspects of the curriculum, issues arising from the evaluation process or update on general issues arising such as supporting students with learning contracts.  If you are unsure if your Trust already offers these, or would like to arrange something, please contact your Placement Coordinator.  Further support and CPD opportunities are available from Sheffield Hallam University.

Interested in being a Long-Arm Practice Educator?

These workshops are for educators who are interested in finding out more about leadership and research placements, and potentially either offering these placements or joining our database of Long-Arm Practice Educators. You do not have to work within a leadership role or within research to support these placements!

  • 29th April 2024 - 12-1pm

Extended Scope Supervisors Workshop

These workshops are for both long-arm practice educators and onsite educators who are interested in offering for our extended scope placement.

  • 12th January 2024 - 12-1pm
  • 30th January 2024 - 12-1pm

These workshops are for both long-arm practice educators and onsite educators who have made an offer to support our extended scope placement.

  • 20th February 2024 - 12-1pm
  • 18th April 2024 - 3-4pm

These slides were presented at the Extended Scope Supervisors Workshop.  They are included here to provide guidance to providers who are interested in offering an Extended Scope placement to Occupational Therapy students as well as existing placement providers.

Please contact the Placement Leads / Coordinators Sarah Lacey and Katherine Garvey for an accessible version of this presentation if required.

Degree Apprenticeship - resources to support the role of the Work Based Mentor

Work Based Mentor Website - this site contains resources designed to support the role of the Work Based Mentor who is supporting students on the Degree Apprenticeship route.

Degree Apprenticeship Educator Workshops:

Workshops are open to educators supporting either our North-West, Sheffield or Derbyshire learners. They are positioning approximately 3 weeks in advance of each placement block. These are an opportunity to hear about the required learning outcomes for our apprentices, and to discuss paperwork and processes. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of each session.

The new workshops will be on the following dates and will be in my zoom room: (or if you would prefer they can email to get the link to my zoom room)

North-West Placement 1 Monday 12th August 2024 12.00 to 13.00h

North-West and Sheffield Extended Scope Placement (for onsite and long-arm practice educators) Tuesday 13th August 2024 13.00 to 14.00h

North-West Placement 4 Tuesday 10th September 2024 12.00h to13.00h

Sheffield Placement 1  Monday 23rd September 2024  15.00 to 16.00h

Derbyshire Placement 2 Monday 16th December 2024 12.00 to 13.00h

Derbyshire Placement 4 Thursday 13th March 2025 12.00 to 13.00h

North-West and Sheffield Placement 2 Tuesday 8th April 2025 12.00 to 13.00h

Derbyshire Extended Scope Placement (for onsite and long-arm practice educators) Tuesday 13th May 2025 12.00 to 13.00h


If you are unsure which placement block your learner is completing please contact