Practical work experience is at the heart of this course and is delivered through placements in relevant workplaces.  We work in partnership with NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and many private, independent and voluntary sector providers to provide the required experience for our students. The practice learning circuit is extensive. You will be allocated to placements appropriate for your course which will be a placement anywhere in the areas listed below; this will require you to travel to your placement. Details of the process for allocating you a placement can be found on the student information section of this website. This list of areas is subject to change across the lifetime of the course, as providers may change their placement offer for reasons beyond the university's control.  New areas may be added to the list and existing areas may be removed.

Your placement attendance, learning and practice will be an assessed part of your course. Attendance on mandatory placements is compulsory that means you must complete at least 1000 hours of placement learning.

On placement, you work with experts, professionals and service users gaining experience, and developing your knowledge and skills in occupationally based assessment and interventions for people with a wide range of health and social care needs.  Your placements will cover in-patient and community settings, working with people with physical and mental health issues across the whole life span.  You will develop your confidence in using core occupational therapy skills such as activity analysis to underpin your clinical reasoning and the OT process both in traditional and emerging areas of practice, enhancing your employability on completion of the course.

During your time on placement, your experience will reflect the working times of the team you work with on placement.  This may involve shift work including weekends, evenings and nights.  It will be necessary to travel to or live near the placements.

This page provides students with the key information needed to prepare for, and get the most out of, their placement. The information on this website is supported by the learning materials on Blackboard; you will find much more detailed information on there, particularly around issues such as accommodation, travel arrangements, evaluation and placement information.

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