Occupational therapy contacts

Occupational therapy contacts

Professional Placement Team

Allied Health Profession Queries - please use for all student and placement provider enquiries and for placement providers to submit placement offers

0114 225 5013(hunt group phone number)
Electronic Hours and Timesheet queries 0114 225 5013 (hunt group phone number)
! HWLS Placements Admin
Placement Travel and Accommodation queries 0114 225 5013 (hunt group phone number)
! HWLS Placements Admin
Audits and Evaluations - all placements not in Yorkshire and Humber Region and Placement Availability Forms to confirm audits held on PARE for Yorkshire and Humber Region 0114 225 5013 (hunt group phone number)
! HWLS Placements Admin
Mandatory Training queries 0114 225 5013 (hunt group phone number)
! HWLS Placements Admin
Practice Learning Coaches practicelearningcoach@shu.ac.uk
Student Support Advisors and Academic Administration
Student Support Advisors 0114 225 2222
Academic Administration 0114 225 2222
Academic Team
Helen Batty
AHP Subject Group Lead for Placement Learning
0114 225 2375H.Batty@shu.ac.uk
Maureen Coleman
BSc Course Lead

Victoria Cureton-Favager
Degree Apprenticeship Course Lead (North West); Academic Advisor

Laura Di Bona
Degree Apprenticeship Placement Coodinator; Academic Advisor             
Colette Edwards
Academic Advisor             
Abby Fisher
Academic Advisor             
Rachel Forrest
Academic Advisor
Katherine Garvey
BSc Placement Coordinator
Link Tutor: Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Derbyshire Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust
Academic Advisor
Tina Guilford
Degree Apprenticeship Course Lead (Sheffield and Derbyshire); Academic Advisor
John Guite
Academic Advisor
Sarah Lacey
Placement Lead; MSc Placement Coordinator
Link Tutor: Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust; Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Lincolnshire Community NHS Foundation Trust; Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust; United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; PIVO (private, voluntary and independent organisation placements)
Academic Advisor
Ali Madden-Fitzgibbon
Academic Advisor
Sally Ohlsen
Academic Advisor
Nick Pollard
MSc Course Lead
Academic Advisor
Sandie Szymanska
Academic Advisor
Louise Tarry
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Link Tutor: Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust; Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust; Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust; Derbyshire County Council, Adult Social Care and Health.
Academic Advisor
Annette Trehern-Walker
Academic Advisor
Liz Wainwright
Academic Advisor
L'APPLE Course
L'APPLE Course ahptraining@shu.ac.uk