Pre-Registration Social Work Handbooks - BA and MSW

Please use this placement learning website for Social Work as your placement learning handbook, with information about preparation to make best use of your placement learning experiences, links to information about your placement provider, the roles and responsibilities of people involved in placement learning, placement calendars, assessment of practice and other practical advice.

Degree Apprenticeship in Social Work Handbook

Please contact the Course Team if you need advice on accessing the information in the Degree Apprenticeship Social Work programme Handbook - l.pollard@shu.ac.uk

Integrated Care: Integrated Learning

Collaborative Learning and Working in Practice

Learning at Sheffield Hallam University engages you with the world beyond university.
Learning is intellectually stretching, and you are given opportunities to apply research-based knowledge positively to affect issues relevant to service users, health and social care professionals and future employers.
Key to this is working and learning alongside and from other professions and groups. In doing so, you develop your expertise, become more innovative, collaborate, and develop your entrepreneurial capabilities and go beyond the boundaries of your discipline.
The Collaborative Learning Framework has been designed to help you think about your professional development in relation to your collaborative skills. The Framework can be used to plot your development in conjunction with other aspects of your course and is a great tool to help you meet your career goals. We encourage you to use this Framework, alongside your placement assessment documentation, to evidence your wider personal and professional development.

Supporting Collaborative Learning and Working in Practice

These posters and screencasts provide an overview of what our students are learning and experiencing in each year of their Health & Social Care programme. We are making very clear links within the interprofessional modules to the practice placements. We hope this information will help guide you to support varied opportunities in order to consolidate students' learning whilst they are with you on their practice placements.

Post-Registration Social Work Handbooks - Approved Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP)