Study Goal

Study Goal

What is Study Goal?

Study Goal is a tool we use to record your learning analytics data. When you use Blackboard or other university digital systems, you leave behind a digital footprint. This data combined, with your grades and past academic history, can be used to support your learning journey and help us improve student experience and engagement.

From September, all undergraduate and postgraduate students will be asked to record their attendance for taught sessions using Study Goal to support their studies. You can read details about this in the Student Attendance and Engagement Policy (PDF, 167.9KB).

How do I use Study Goal?

You log into Study Goal here. In Study Goal you'll be able to record your attendance or check your activity on Blackboard. To record your attendance at a session, enter the 4 or 5-digit code provided by your tutor into the ‘Checkin’ section of Study Goal.

Your tutor might ask you to record your attendance for a normal taught session, or for a one-off meeting that you attend. All Sheffield Hallam students are expected to abide by the Student Conduct: acting with honesty and integrity and complying with university regulations, policies, procedures and codes of practice. 

All of this will be saved so you can view your engagement with your course.

How will it help me?

By using learning analytics combined with other data such as assessments and exams, you will be able to better understand how your learning is progressing.

It will provide you with information to make more informed conversations with your academic adviser and ensure you're receiving the right support to achieve your full potential.

Who can see my data?

The only people who can see your data are you, your academic adviser, and select support staff within the University. We have developed a Learning Analytics Code of Practice (PDF, 181.6KB) to ensure complete transparency about our usage. This document explains what data is being collected, how it’s being processed, and what we are doing with the information.

If you have any concerns about the University using your data for the purpose of Learning Analytics, you can contact the Data Protection Team.

I’ve got an issue with my Study Goal. Where do I get support?

If you have any issues with Study Goal, please contact IT Help, or if you are having difficulties connecting to the wi-fi whilst on campus, please refer to the connecting to the SHU wireless network guidance.