Support for care leavers

Support for care leavers

If you were looked after by a local authority during your childhood, you may be eligible for additional support from the University. 

We understand that not all people leaving the care system will identify as a ‘care leaver’. You may not wish to tell people this private information about yourself – and this is absolutely fine and your choice. If you do decide to see what support is available for students coming to Sheffield Hallam from care, we will respect your privacy. We have a strict privacy policy and we will only talk with other people about your situation if you have given us permission to do so.

We realise that your experience as a care leaver is unique. No two students are the same or in the same situation. Some of our students who have come from a care background tell us they have supportive foster families they can return to in the holidays and receive adequate financial support from their local authority. Others find themselves without support in the holidays and struggling financially without a family to ask for help. Sometimes, it helps just to check in with someone to make sure you’re getting the support you need, whether that’s financially, practically, or with your course.

So, if there’s any part of University life or your individual circumstances that you’d like to talk through, please get in touch. 

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What Support can I get?

There is a range of support for care leavers at Sheffield Hallam including 365 day accommodation, financial support (if eligible) through the Care Leaver Package, access to social events in the University vacations, and simply someone to talk to if you feel like it.

Useful resources

  • At times it is necessary to share your data to ensure that you are able to access the appropriate funding and support. Our Care leaver data consent form gives more information. 

Useful websites

The Care Leavers Association is a national user led charity aimed at improving the lives of care leavers of all ages. 

Coram Voice is an advocacy for those in care or leaving care. Advocates can support you to ensure that you are involved in decisions about your life and signpost to support if it's needed.