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Our expertise

By accessing our research, development and consultancy expertise, together we can address your specific challenges and find solutions to meet your needs. We will act as a hub for collaboration, delivering a programme of research and development in partnership with business, academia and other centres of expertise from across the sector.

Automation and robotics

Our experts work with you to identify areas of improvement, helping embed process improvement techniques into your business. Our consultants can help increase efficiencies if you are using advanced control systems, automated equipment, systems design, robotic systems, and smart control systems.

Process control

Our specialist lean and process improvement team can look at individual material flows or model complete manufacturing processes. We have particular expertise in lean and Six Sigma, control systems development and optimising factory layout, optimising efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks, and incorporating new product lines.

Lean systems

Our experts have many years of experience in process improvement using both lean and discrete event simulation; both in academia and industry. We have substantial experience in areas including design and analysis of manufacturing systems, production planning and control, and improving the efficiency of model development.

Food process engineering

Our specialist team have a thorough understanding of factors affecting the science, processes, operation technology, and engineering of foods. Advice and guidance may also extend to the business decisions encountered in the food industry.

Energy engineering

Our experts can advise on a number of different methods of heat generation which would be suitable for businesses including ground and air source heat pumps, solar thermal, and heat recovery from existing processes. We are now working with industry partners to enhance this technology for the benefit of the food and drink manufacturing industry.

Waste valorisation and bioprocess engineering

Our expertise includes guidance on taking waste and changing it into constituent parts that can be utilised for value beyond the cost of the energy needed to process the transformation. We can also advise on studying various biotechnological processes used in industries for large scale production for optimisation of yield and quality in the end product.

Thermo fluids and thermodynamics

Our research team have used multicomponent lattice Boltzmann algorithms to model highly complex fluids with multiple immiscible elements. By modelling the deformable objects as viscous drops, suspended in an ambient fluid, several challenging applications can be studied including fluid flow of sludge, processing of food products, and certain regimes of blood flow.

Packaging materials

From increasing product shelf life and enhancing packaging resilience to improving sustainability and investigating consumer behaviour, our award-winning packaging team will help you put your packaging ahead of the competition. Our services in this area include branding and creative services, structural packaging design, 3D visualisation of products, prototyping, and sustainable packaging.

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Contact the NCEFE to discuss collaborations, facilities, funding and learning.


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