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Research Themes

Research Themes

The Centre's vision to be internationally recognised for excellence in sustainable innovations for the global food system is driven by four distinct research themes.


To achieve our mission to drive vitality, sustainability and growth in the global food system we are utilising the talents of our four academic Theme Leads to deliver expertise across:

  • Healthier lives 
  • Digital connectivity and technology 
  • Food system sustainability
  • Feeding a growing population

Our Theme Leads 

Caroline Millman

Dr Caroline Millman

Senior Lecturer & Research Theme Lead for 'Healthier lives'

Find out more about Caroline's expertise
Alex Shenfield

Dr Alex Shenfield

Associate Professor & Research Theme Lead for 'Digital connectivity'

Find out more about Alex's expertise
Bipro Nath Dubey

Dr Bipro Dubey

Senior Lecturer & Research Theme Lead for 'Feeding a growing population'

Find out more about Bipro's expertise

Healthier lives

We are working with all parts of the UK and global food system to prioritise research and innovation that leads to healthier foods and food ingredients, making products available to consumers which contribute to healthy living.


Digital connectivity

We are investigating and applying existing and emerging digital technologies to accelerate breakthrough research innovations and deliver significant competitive advantage by increasing food system effectiveness and consumer value.


Food sustainability

We are undertaking research and innovation which enables the food and drink sector to deliver products, processes and technologies that ensure efficiency and resilience of the food system through research and innovation.  This includes developing renewable, “low carbon” sources of energy and reducing avoidable food waste in the supply chain.

Dext heat recovery

Growing population

We are contributing to the challenge of feeding 9 billion people sustainably by 2050 by improving the levels of primary produce which are converted into available food for consumption through improved producing and processing technologies, waste avoidance and creating value from waste.

Garlic waste