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10 August 2022

Community ownership key to levelling up Britain’s high streets, according to new research

A new report from the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University and Power to Change has shone a light on the need and opportunity for supporting communities to save ailing high streets and support the levelling up agenda.

07 July 2022

Sheffield Hallam awarded £300k from UKRI for healthy ageing project

Sheffield Hallam University has been awarded £300,000 for a healthy ageing project that will address some of the barriers faced by older adults who struggle to participate in traditional exercise.

22 June 2022

First-of-its-kind study will develop VR scenarios to help children overcome social anxiety disorders

Sheffield Hallam University has been awarded £35,000 to develop a platform of home-based immersive virtual reality (VR) scenarios to help alleviate social anxiety disorder (SAD) symptoms amongst children.

20 June 2022

Government accused of withholding ethnicity data relating to Covid-19 deaths amongst NHS workers

The government has been accused of refusing to disclose the demographic information relating to Covid-19 deaths amongst NHS workers in England, despite multiple Freedom of Information submissions.

11 May 2022

Sheffield Hallam develops new methods to reduce use of animal testing in medical research

Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University are working to find alternate methods of conducting medical research that does not require live animals.

18 March 2022

New study finds 3D body measures could pave the way to a 'new BMI'

A team of health researchers from Sheffield Hallam University has found that three-dimensional (3D) body imaging technology provides crucial information that cannot be obtained using traditional methods, such as body mass index (BMI)

04 March 2022

New study finds professional football environment legitimises bullying masked as banter

A new study exploring the perceptions of banter amongst footballers has found the professional setting can legitimise and normalise bullying, and highlights the need for coaches, players and sports clubs to address the cultural expectations around banter in their environments.

03 March 2022

New research exposes systemic racism in the NHS as nurses launch Manifesto for Change

A manifesto has been drawn up to demand action from health authorities as part of a ground-breaking study that has uncovered ‘shocking and systemic’ levels of racism in the NHS.

01 March 2022

First-of-its-kind study shines a light on the ‘essential contribution’ of GP nurses

A new report from Sonnet Impact and Sheffield Hallam University has laid bare the unique contribution of general practice nurses (GPNs) and the importance of the profession under the NHS Long Term Plan.

16 February 2022

New report finds World Bank’s development investment arm ‘complicit in repression of Uyghur and other minoritised citizens’

The World Bank’s development investment arm, International Finance Corporation, has almost $500m in loans and equity investment in companies active in the oppression of Uyghur people in China, according to a new report

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