Sheffield Hallam University's research focuses on three key themes: enabling healthier lives, building stronger communities and driving future economies. Browse the latest stories related to each theme, or read more about our research strategy.


Creating crop advice from forecasting

Supporting farmers at the front line of climate change

Our research is promoting sustainable agriculture in India.

Enabling healthier lives

A man at a computer

Depressive memes could help people manage mental illness

Dr Umair Akram explores how memes could help depression
A brain scan

We’re helping tackle a rare brain disease that affects children

Sheffield Hallam is conducting research into a currently incurable illness
A woman and baby in Indonesia

Could buffalo milk lead to safer pregnancy in Indonesia?

Our research may improve neonatal mortality in West Sumatra

Building stronger communities

A black person in Germany

Making Visible the Invisible: Germany's Black diaspora, 1880s-1945

The untold story of Germany's black communities
A block of council flats

Uncovering the regional cost of welfare reform

How a decade of welfare reform affected the UK

Driving future economies

Research at Sheffield Hallam