Auxetic Materials Research Group

Auxetic Materials Research Group

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The Auxetic Materials Research Group undertakes world-leading research and consultancy into materials and structures possessing negative Poisson's ratio response - they get thicker when stretched lengthwise and thinner when compressed. We employ a range of modelling and experimental techniques to understand how and why natural auxetic materials occur, and to develop man-made auxetics from the nanoscale to the macroscale based on a variety of internal material architecture and deformation mechanism combinations. Working closely with colleagues within and external to the university we move auxetic technology to commercial application through improved material performance in sectors including sporting goods, health and wellbeing, transport and defence. 

We offer expertise in the following

  • Auxetic materials in composite, textile, cellular solid and polymer forms
  • Materials fabrication
  • Quasi-static and dynamic mechanical properties testing, including non-contact optical strain measurement
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Structural characterisation techniques

Core group members

Associated staff

We can offer PhD projects on a number of research topics. Recent examples include

The Auxetic materials group is a member of the COSSMAT network.

For further information on PhD opportunities, or for advice on how our team of specialists can help you, please contact Professor Andy Alderson.

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