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Prospective Student Support

Support for students who are considering university

At Sheffield Hallam, we are committed to ensuring all learners have access to support and information to help them make decisions about higher education and future options. 

Below you will find further information about the support available to learners who are considering university. 

If you require any alternative versions of information or resources, or you would like to know more about accessibility and support at Sheffield Hallam, please email us at

For more information about support for current students at Sheffield Hallam University, visit our Student Support pages.

Disabled Student Support

Registering with Disabled Student Support at Sheffield Hallam

If you have a disability, including a long-term medical condition, a specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia, or a mental health condition, you can access additional support for your academic studies whilst at University. This includes a university document called a Learning Contract and funding to cover extra study-related costs caused by your disability. The funding for this comes either from Disabled Students' Allowances or it’s arranged by our team.  

To access support you need to register online - you don't have to wait until enrolment. If you have any problems please contact the Disabled Student Support team.

Find out more about our services here.

Who is eligible for Disabled student support?
  • Autism spectrum conditions

  • Deafness and hearing impairment

  • Long-term medical conditions (such as diabetes or epilepsy)

  • Mental health difficulties

  • Physical disabilities

  • Specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia)

  • Visual impairment

Disclosure and Confidentiality

We understand that the decision to disclose your disability or long term condition can be difficult. We strongly encourage you to disclose at the earliest possible stage so that you can benefit from as much support as possible. We store your information securely and will only share relevant information with your permission. For more information please see our learning contracts section.

Disabled Students Allowance from Student Finance England

DSAs provide extra financial help for disabled students. They help pay for any additional study-related costs you incur because of your disability. DSA might pay for:

  • Assistive technology or specialist equipment, for example a computer if you need one because of your disability
  • Non-medical helpers
  • A travel allowance
  • Other disability-related costs of studying
Disabled Student Support Resources

SHU Progress 

SHU Progress provides support for applicants whose personal circumstances might mean that there are barriers to going to university.

The scheme provides additional support in the year of application and throughout the application process, including the transition to becoming a university student.

You can join SHU Progress in the year you are applying to university. We strongly encourage you to join SHU Progress as early as possible (just before or at the time you are applying to university).

As an applicant to Sheffield Hallam University, SHU Progress offers a personal contact at the university who will be there to provide advice and answer your questions throughout the year, support with making the best application to us, including access to workshops on preparing for interviews, and much more. 

For further information, including how to join the SHU Progress scheme and the groups of students we support, visit our dedicated webpage. 

Health and Social Care Applicants

Occupational Health Screening

If you have applied to a Health and Social Care course, you will need to undertake occupational health screening to determine your suitability to undertake the course. This will be provided by the University free of charge. As part of this assessment you are expected to provide all relevant, truthful and accurate information to ensure a safe environment for yourself and service users.


You must undertake a programme of immunisations as required by the Department of Health and meet the immunisation and immunity requirements of placement providers. This will be provided by the University free of charge. Please obtain details of your immunisation history from your doctor so you can submit this during your Occupational Health Screening.

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