Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Updated 1 May 2024

This page outlines the more common accommodation questions and is updated with relevant information over time. If you don't find the information you need here, you can contact us.

If you're unfamiliar with some of our terminology, please see our glossary (PDF, 24.7KB) which explains the accommodation terms in more detail.

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Accommodation guarantee

Always apply for accommodation through the Sheffield Hallam Accommodation Services website to make sure you’re sharing with other Sheffield Hallam University students in popular student areas near our campuses. We guarantee first year undergraduate students a room offer in one of our halls of residence or provide help in finding suitable private sector accommodation if that's what you prefer.

Applying through Sheffield Hallam is the only way to guarantee that you will be sharing your flat in halls with other Hallam students.  If you do not book your accommodation via our website, you are likely to share your flat with students from different institutions, in various years of study, and your access to university support services in the event of any issues will be limited. For further information read our allocation criteria

Accommodation types

We have two types of accommodation for you to choose from.

University Halls

University halls are great if you want to make friends and live in the heart of student life. You’re never more than a half hour walk away from campus, you can choose from 14 halls in all sizes, various room types and prices. Rent includes bills, insurance and WiFi, so you'll always know what you are spending which is helpful for budgeting! This option is most popular with first year students, although you can return to our halls of residence in any year of study. If you choose to return to halls (either applying as a friendship group or an individual), you can apply to stay where you currently live or move elsewhere - the choice is yours! We also have flats suitable for postgraduate and mature students in all halls.

Private Sector Housing

Private sector housing is great if you’re looking for something different to halls of residence. Properties listed on our Sheffield Hallam Studentpad page are approved by the snug scheme, which is awarded by Sheffield City Council when homes meet the required standard of property and tenancy management, so you can be sure to find properties of a good standard. Make sure you’ve accepted an unconditional offer before you start looking for accommodation in the private sector. Don’t sign a contract without viewing the property and make sure you understand the terms of the agreement. We can help you find good quality, safe private sector accommodation that meets snug standards. Apply for private sector accommodation via our website for more information.


Selecting Accommodation


Choosing the right accommodation for you


There are lots of factors to consider when choosing accommodation such as price, facilities, location, size and more!

Most first years will choose to stay in halls of residence as it’s the best way to meet people! With 15 different halls of residence to choose from, you can find out more about each property including pricing, facilities, location and room types on our halls of residence pages. Join us at one of our open days to see all that Sheffield Hallam University has to offer and visit our halls of residences.

Accommodation locations

You can walk at a steady pace from City to Collegiate Campus in around 20 to 25 minutes. Most of our allocated halls are suitable and accessible for students studying at both campuses. You can find location maps and walking route videos on our halls of residence pages. Sheffield has a reliable bus and tram service to help you travel around the city. More information about this can be found on Travel South Yorkshire.

Is living in halls for me?

Living in halls of residence is a more communal way of living whilst you study at Hallam. It's great fun and one of the best ways to meet other students, but you'll need a degree of tolerance and adjustment to live within a community of individuals with varying cultural outlooks, social lives, interests and backgrounds. Being mindful of the differences will positively contribute to everyone enjoying their time living in halls, plus you're likely to learn a great deal from communal living that won't be taught on your course!

We offer a range of halls to suit a variety of preferences and requirements, from large purpose built residences to smaller properties in a more residential setting for those looking for something a little different.

Room types available in halls

There are many room types to choose from in halls of residence. You can choose between en-suite (own bathroom) and non en-suite (shared bathroom); standard sized rooms and larger sized rooms; shared flats and self-contained flats. Prices differ across our allocated properties and are reflective of the different room types available. Visit our halls of residence pages to view more details on the options to choose from.

How many people will I be living with?

Shared en-suite cluster flats typically range from 3-9 beds, so there really is something for everyone! Each of the halls of residence pages details the flat size options to help you make the decision of how many people you'd like to share your space with.  If you'd prefer your own space, there is limited availability of self-contained flats.

Is halls of residence just for first year students?

Not at all! You can apply to live in our allocated halls throughout your time as a full-time student at Sheffield Hallam. Many of our students return to live in halls of residence in their second, third and fourth years, either choosing to live with friends or other returning students. We also have flats suitable for postgraduate and mature students in all halls. Applications for accommodation open in November.


Viewing accommodation 

Join us at one of our open days to see all that Sheffield Hallam University has to offer and visit our halls of residences where you'll be able to ask our team about anything to with living with Sheffield Hallam. If you wish to view a specific property, please contact us at


Registering and applying


When to apply

Apply for accommodation as soon as you've received a course offer from Sheffield Hallam.  It doesn't matter if the offer is conditional or unconditional, or if you have made us your firm or insurance choice, you can still apply. We guarantee a room in halls of residence, but advise that you apply for accommodation as soon as possible for the best chance of securing your preferred halls as the date you apply is taken into consideration when making a room offer.

All offers of accommodation will be made via email and sent to the email address you used to register and apply with. Please ensure this is a personal email and not a school or college email account as you will lose access to it.

How to apply

Always apply for accommodation through the Sheffield Hallam Accommodation Services website to make sure you're sharing with other Sheffield Hallam students in popular student areas near to both our campuses and have access to all University support services.

You will be required to select four different properties in order of your preference. We encourage you to make use of the notes section on the application form for any specific preferences or requirements.

I am unable to register and receiving an error message

There may be a few things that prevent successful registration:

  • you have not yet received a course offer from Sheffield Hallam
  • you are not a full-time student
  • you are not using your 8-digit student ID number (e.g. 3XXXXXXX)
  • ensure you are using your name as provided to admissions (e.g. no shortened names)

If you are still unsuccessful in your registration, please contact accommodation services.

Can I apply to live with friends?

Where possible, we always try to honour friendship requests but cannot guarantee this. Each member of the friendship group should apply for accommodation individually and provide details (full name and Sheffield Hallam student ID number) of all members of the group within the notes section of the application. Ensure your preferences of accommodation are the same.

I’ve submitted my application and would like to make changes

Once your application has been submitted, you will be unable to make changes yourself. Please contact Accommodation Services who can make the changes on your behalf.

I’m a current student, can I apply to live in halls again?

Yes! Applications for accommodation open in November. All applications received before 31st March will be guaranteed a place in one of your preferred halls. Where possible, we always try to honour friendship requests but cannot guarantee this. Each member of the friendship group should add the information (full name and student number) of all members of the group within the notes section of the accommodation application and ensure your preferences of accommodation are the same.

I’m a postgraduate student, can I stay in halls?

Yes, halls are suitable for postgraduate and mature students. You can choose to stay in one of our halls of residence and you will be allocated a flat with other postgraduate and/or mature students where possible. If you prefer to live alone, some of our halls offer self-contained flats/studios where you will have your own cooking facilities.

I’m not studying at Sheffield Hallam, can I still stay in halls?

Yes, providing you are a full-time student at a higher education institution. You can apply to live within one of our halls of residence by completing this online form with your full details. We will issue you with an ID number to enable you to register and apply online.

Family accommodation

The university allocated halls of residence are available to full time students only, not families, therefore you are required to look for a property in the private sector. You should arrange accommodation for your family prior to arrival in Sheffield. If this is not possible, we advise you to travel on your own initially and secure temporary accommodation whilst you look for something more permanent and suitable for your family.

For further information on looking for family accommodation, we advise you to apply for accommodation on our website selecting each of your four preferred properties to be the private section property options, from here you will receive a detailed email containing information about finding suitable property in Sheffield, along with advice for those coming to Sheffield with families.

Please read the guidance for families and follow the instructions carefully to avoid problems at the start of your course.

Health care students

You can apply for any hall of residence based on your preferences, budget and requirements. We will look to allocate you with other health care students in line with demand and availability, as we understand the schedule of your course may be different to others.

Summer accommodation

Tenancy agreements in our halls of residence are 44 weeks in length from mid-September. If you need to extend or book any accommodation over the summer months, contact Accommodation Services around April/May time.

English language course students (TESOL and LEAP)

When you apply, please add your English language course start and end dates to the additional notes section of the online application form. We have rooms available across several halls within close walking distance of campus or can help you to find private sector accommodation if you prefer.

Once you have applied, we will contact you with further information about the options available.

If your English language course starts after 1 September 2024, please select your year of study as 2024/25 when applying. 

Please contact us for further information and support.

Erasmus first semester study students

We have a limited supply of short-term accommodation for Erasmus semester students, study abroad programme and other non-standard courses available at The Trigon. Rooms are priced at £119 (Single Ensuite Single Bed) and £136 (Single Ensuite ¾ Bed) weekly. When making an application, you should select your year of study as 2024/25 and your student type as ‘non-standard course student’. You should make us aware of any room preferences or additional requirements in the notes section of your application.


I’ve selected that I want to stay at home on my UCAS and student finance application, can I apply for accommodation?

Yes, you can still register and apply for accommodation online via our website once a course offer has been received from Sheffield Hallam. This is a separate process to UCAS, therefore it doesn’t matter if you have stated you will be living at home on your university application.

If you have stated on your student finance application that you will be staying at home, we advise that you contact student finance directly to update this as this may affect your maintenance loan entitlement. Further information about student loans can be found here.

Additional Requirements

Specific accommodation needs

We have some specifically adapted accommodation. If you have certain accommodation needs or requirements, you should state these when you apply online for accommodation.  If you have a disability, we may ask you to complete and return a short questionnaire to assist us in finding you a suitable room.

Care leavers and estranged students

We're committed to supporting our students who are care leavers or estranged and we understand there may be additional requirements for the whole calendar year, not just during term time.  Further information for the support available can be found here.

Car Parking

The University does not encourage students to bring cars as Sheffield has good transport links. However, some of our halls have limited car parking spaces available. If you have a specific and genuine need for a parking space, please make a note of this on your application for accommodation. Once you have received a room offer you should contact your landlord/site manager to request a permit subject to availability.

Your room offer

When will I receive an offer of accommodation?

We make room offers, as per our allocation criteria, when we have confirmation of your firm acceptance of an unconditional course offer at Sheffield Hallam University. Students joining us from January will be made a room offer from December.

Changes to my offer status on UCAS

We're automatically informed of any changes to your offer status, for example from 'conditional' to 'unconditional' or 'insurance' to 'firm'. So don't worry, you don't need to let us know!

Your room offer

We make room offers, as per our allocation criteria, once we have confirmation of your unconditional course offer and acceptance of this as firm choice. One offer of accommodation is made based the information provided on your application form and the date the application was submitted. Exceptional medical requirements are also considered when processing your application.

Room offers are made via email to the address used to register and apply. Please ensure this is a personal email and not a school or college email account as you will lose access to it.

All new students are guaranteed a room in halls.

How long do I have to accept a room offer?

You will have two days to respond to your room offer by either accepting or rejecting the offer via the online portal. After two days your room offer will expire and the room offered to another student. A short extension can be requested by emailing

How do I accept my room offer?

Upon receipt of your room offer email, offers of accommodation are accepted via the online portal. You will be required to read and understand all attached documentation before accepting your room offer. Please note, no payments are required at this stage.

What if I don’t like my room offer?

You can reject the room offer by responding to the offer via the online portal. Please consider very carefully before rejecting your offer as we cannot guarantee to meet your preferences during re-allocation, which could result in a less preferable offer than the original one made to you.

Don't forget to let us know why you are rejecting your room offer in the notes section.

I have accepted my room offer, what happens next?

Within three working days of accepting your room offer you will be contacted by the landlord/management team to complete your booking.

Information about deposits

If required, deposits/advanced rent payment are only paid once you have accepted your room offer via the accommodation online portal and you have been contacted by the relevant landlord/accommodation provider. Not all of our halls of residence require deposits/advanced rent payment, please see each halls of residence pages for further information about deposits. We do not take deposits to secure rooms.

Tenancy Information

What is included in the rent?

For all halls of residence, rent includes bills, contents insurance and WiFi. Unless stated, laundry is not included in the rent. TV licence is not included in the rent, please refer to the TV licence website for further information.

When do I pay rent?

With a guarantor, rent is typically paid in three instalments throughout the academic year coinciding with the payment schedule of student loads, which is usually October, January and April. You can discuss the payment schedule in more detail with your accommodation provider. Without a guarantor, rent may be required in full.

What is a guarantor?

It is common for tenancy agreements to require a guarantor signatory. A guarantor can be an adult you know who is agreeable to become legally responsible for paying your accommodation fees if you fail to do so. Each of our halls of residences states whether a UK or international guarantor is accepted for that property. If you do not have a guarantor, please contact the Accommodation Services team who will be able to provide further information on an individual basis. For private properties, please check the guarantor requirement with your provider.

Paying deposits 

If required, deposits/advanced rent payments are only paid one you have accepted your room offer via the accommodation online portal and you have been contacted by the relevant landlord/accommodation provider. Not all of our halls require deposits/advanced rent payment, please see each halls of residence pages for further information about deposits. We do not take deposits to secure rooms.

How long is my tenancy agreement?

As standard, all tenancy agreements are 44 weeks in length, unless otherwise stated, with the contract dates showing alongside your room offer and as detailed on your tenancy agreement. This is inclusive of the Easter and Christmas breaks and you are not required to move out during these times.

Can I arrive earlier than my tenancy start date?

Once a room offer has been accepted, early arrivals can be discussed with your accommodation provider directly to check they can facilitate your request. Additional costs will be confirmed before the early arrival date is agreed with the landlord/accommodation management.

Moving out before the end of the academic year

All contracts are legally-binding and you are committed to pay for your accommodation for the entirety of the contract. However, in exceptional circumstances you may be able to terminate your contract by finding a suitable full-time student to take your place. Full details will be provided in your contract.

Guest Policy

Guests are permitted within halls of residence, however, please refer to your tenancy agreement or speak to your site team for guidance on the guest policy.

Smoking policy

In line with the University's non-smoking policy, all halls enforce a strict non-smoking policy, including vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes.

Contents insurance

When booking your room through Sheffield Hallam Accommodation Services, you will receive complimentary contents insurance. Further information about the policy can be found on the 'Details of your contents insurance cover' document provided on the online dashboard with your room offer.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately not. Animals are not permitted in any of our halls of residences.

What do I need to bring?

Bedroom furnishings

Our halls are furnished with standard bedroom furniture unless otherwise stated on the relevant halls of residence pages. This includes a bed, wardrobe, a desk or workstation and a chair. You will be expected to provide your own duvet, pillows and bed linen. Non en-suite rooms will include a wash basin.

Bedding, utensils and crockery

Unless stated otherwise on our individual halls of residence pages, you will need to supply your own crockery and cooking utensils. You will need to bring your own duvet, pillows, bed linen and towels.

You may want to take the hassle out of buying and transporting your bedding and kitchen items by pre-ordering from UniKitOut. Go to the online shop , choose the items you want, select your residence, confirm and pay for your goods.

The pack will then be pre-delivered directly to your hall, so it is there ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Remember to use our promotional code SHU10 to receive a 10% discount .

Make your room your home

Your room is going to be your new home for at least the next 9 months so it’s important to bring personable items to make it feel homely. You could consider bringing items such as photographs, soft furnishings, coat hangers, towels etc. Further information what you can and cannot bring will be given to you before moving in during an online induction module (look out for this around beginning of September).

Don’t forget the important bits such as formal identification!

Moving in

When will I move into my accommodation?

The move-in weekend for September 2024 entry is 14-15 September.

Key collections

Closer to the move in weekend your landlord/accommodation manager will invite you to book an arrival time slot to collect your keys and move in. This is typically towards the end of summer/beginning of September and is on provision of your booking being fully completed.

Protect your belongings

Whilst Sheffield is known for being a safe city, it is always worth taking measures to protect yourself and your belongings. Immobilise is a quick and easy way to register your valuables, and helps the police identify stolen property. Don't forget that all tenancies booked via Sheffield Hallam include a complimentary contents insurance. Whilst your belongings are covered up to a certain value, you may want to consider topping up the policy to cover your most valuable items.


Guaranteed accommodation

We guarantee you a place in halls. Preferred room types are dependent on availability so apply as soon as possible for the best chance of securing your specific preference. Whilst we operate on a first come, first served basis there are still lots of great accommodation left with other Sheffield Hallam first year students.

Your clearing ID

The CLR number is the number provided to you via the clearing route until you are issued your student number; it is 'CLR' followed by 9 digits and you can use this number to register and apply for accommodation straight away. The 8 digit student ID number will be issued to you once your place on the course is fully confirmed.

When to apply during clearing

We encourage all students to apply as soon as possible. You can apply online using your CLR number which you will receive when you are made a course offer through clearing or your student ID which you will receive when you accept your firm place via UCAS Hub. If you receive your student ID this will take over from your clearing ID if you've not yet registered. You may have to wait up to 24 hours to register.

How to apply

You can apply online for accommodation using the Student ID in your offer email. If you are applying through Clearing you will be issued with a Student ID once you have accepted your course offer through UCAS Hub. Before this you can use your CLR number to apply, replacing the CLR with an X.


Support for parents/guardians

Starting University is a big step, for both student and those supporting them. Our parent and carer resources share information and advice about student life at Sheffield Hallam and how to help support your child throughout their time at university.

I need to discuss a student's application/room offer/tenancy

Whilst we fully understand that you would like to support a student and may have concerns about wellbeing or accommodation arrangements, unfortunately our GDPR regulations do not allow us to discuss specific tenancy or personal details to anyone other than the student. We can, however, speak to you in general terms about our processes. Please encourage the student to contact us directly with their enquiry.

I'm a guarantor, what does this mean?

As a guarantor, you agree to the financial responsibility of the payment of rent if the student you are acting as guarantor for doesn't pay; this is for the entirety of the tenancy contract. This is a legal agreement so please consider this carefully before agreeing to be a guarantor.

Who will support the student during their stay?

The university offers a whole host of information, resources and wellbeing support to students, this is accessible via the student Blackboard portal. In addition, most halls of residences offer 24-hour assistance with some halls offering dedicated staff to support with wellbeing issues.

We understand there may be times when you may have concerns for a student's welfare. Whilst we may not be able to discuss the matter with you directly due to GDPR, we will always follow them up, whether that's with the student themselves or with our welfare contacts at the University.


I'm the guardian of a student who might be facing barriers to going to university


If you're the guardian of someone who's personal circumstances mean they may be facing barriers to going to university, they could be eligible to join SHU Progress; a scheme at Sheffield Hallam that provides additional support throughout the application process, from the year a person chooses to apply to university through to becoming a university student. Learn more about the SHU Progress scheme.


International Students


We work closely with our accommodation providers to ensure you are able to settle safely into your student accommodation and have an enjoyable start at University. We strongly recommend that you apply online for accommodation through the University's Accommodation Service in order to access the full range of support available. 

If you haven't already, you can still apply for University accommodation. We offer lots of options to suite different needs and budgets. You can see inside our halls and find out how to apply on our accommodation pages.

Airport pick-up service

The international student support team runs an airport pick-up service from Manchester Airport as part of their meet-and-greet service during September and January of each academic year. Airport pick-up dates and schedules will be updated and posted on the international experience website.

If you are travelling with dependants

Sheffield Hallam University does not provide accommodation for families. If you have dependants, please read the students with families guidance

Starting your course in January 2024

How to apply

Always apply for accommodation through the Sheffield Hallam Accommodation Services website. If you’re starting a course in January, you will need to apply for the 2023/24 academic year.

We encourage students to make use of the additional notes section on the online application form for any specific preferences or requirements.

When to apply

Apply for accommodation as soon as you've received a course offer from Sheffield Hallam. To receive an offer of accommodation before the University Christmas closure, we encourage all applications to be made as soon as possible and before Thursday 14th December 2023.


You should aim to arrive on campus by Sunday 14 January 2024 at the latest. Contract start dates for accommodation will be either Saturday 6 January or Saturday 13 January depending on your course start date. If you arrive at Manchester airport between 11 – 14 January you will benefit from the free airport pick up service.

If you are arriving outside of the University Meet and Greet desk opening timesthe main University buildings might be closed. You can call our 24-hour helpline on 0800 073 1318. Make a note of this before you travel. You should also contact your landlord in advance to confirm your arrival time and to ensure that the necessary processes have been completed.

Please note that the University and our support services will officially close for the holiday season on Friday 22 December and reopen on Tuesday 2 January 2024, and international students are advised not to arrive during this period. Accommodation Services will not be able to respond to emails or telephone calls during this time. We will respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible upon our return.

Please check the dedicated advice and guidance for international students arriving in Sheffield prior to your departure.

Cancel event

Are you sure you want to cancel your place on Saturday 12 November?