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Staff profiles

Agarwal Ria Senior Lecturer
Al-Salti Dr Faten Lecturer
Al-Salti Dr Faten Lecturer 2
Anderton Mrs. Leisa Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Ashmore Dr Russell Senior Lecturer
Ashmore Sam Senior Lecturer
Banks Angie Senior Lecturer
Barnett Nick Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing
Brailsford Mandy Principal Lecturer
Brewster Jacqui Senior Lecturer
Briggs Tracey Senior Lecturer
Brown Michaela Senior Lecturer
Burke Cath Senior Lecturer In Midwifery
Burns Sarah Lecturer In Learning Disability Nursing
Chauhdry Hayley Senior Lecturer In Adult Nursing
Clark Deborah Senior Lecturer
Court Rosemary Senior Lecturer
Craven Jacqueline Senior Lecturer
Crofts Bridget Principal Lecturer
Davis Grace Senior Lecturer
Day Patricia Senior Lecturer
De Normanville Clare Principal Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Fair Frankie Lecturer in Midwifery/Research Midwife
Faulkner Dr Mark Senior Lecturer
Ferguson Beverly Senior Lecturer
Frankland Sharon Senior Lecturer
Freeman John Principal Lecturer
Freeman Sally Lead Link Lecturer
Goldschmied Dr Anita Z Senior Lecturer Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work
Gratton Elena Adult Nurse Lecturer
Griffith Vanessa Senior Lecturer
Hazelby Gayle Senior Lecturer
Heaton-Stockton Kate Lecturer
Holland Pamela Senior Lecturer In Nursing
Howarth Dr Amanda Senior Lecturer (Nursing)
Hughes Patricia Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and Level 4 Lead BSc Nursing ICC
Husain Ms Lopa Course Leader
Johnson Catherine Senior Lecturer
Jones Arthur Researcher
Karagic Helen Principal Lecturer
Khatab Professor Khaled Professor of Statistics and Health Economic modelling
Klonizakis Professor Markos Professor of Vascular and Clinical Physiology
Kundu Helen Senior Lecturer
Lewis Dr Robin Senior Lecturer
Lidster Dr Joanne Principal Lecturer
Machaczek Dr Katarzyna Research Fellow
Marshall Julie Lecturer In Adult Nursing
McAleavy Janet Senior Lecturer
McDonald Sarah Lecturer
McGann Rachel Lecturer In Midwifery
Morris-Docker Sara Senior Lecturer
Mudd Alexandra Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Murphy Jane Senior Lecturer
Nakielski Kathleen Senior Lecturer in Midwifery
Nutting Charlotte Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work
Paduch Lisa Senior Lecturer
Painter Dr Jon Senior Lecturer in Mental Health
Parkin Dr. Jacqueline Deputy Head of Department
Payne Chris Senior Lecturer
Peckover Dr Sue Reader
Piercy Dr Hilary Associate Professor
Reale Dr Sophie Behavioural Science Research Fellow
Reasbeck Dawn Senior Lecturer
Redman Dr Judy Principal Lecturer
Rice Marion Senior Lecturer (Mental Health)
Rochnia Nicola Senior Lecturer
Salih Ifrah Senior Lecturer in Academic Development and Diversity
Saunders Lesley Principal Lecturer
Schwarz Dr Toni Dean for the College of Health Wellbeing and Life Sciences
Skilbeck Dr Julie Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Smithson Jennifer Mental Health Nursing Lecturer
Soltani Professor Hora Professor in Maternal and Infant Health
Spencer Dr Rachael Deputy Head of Department, Nursing and Midwifery
Stockton Julia Simulation Lecturer
Stone Joanne Principal Lecturer
Swallow Professor Veronica Professor of Child & Family & Nursing & Healthcare
Thomas Greg Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing
Thompson Angela Senior Lecturer, Course Leader: Specialist Practice District Nursing
Turner Associate Professor James Associate Professor and Subject Group Lead Mental Health Nursing
Urquhart-Kelly Tanya Senior Lecturer Child Nursing
Veeren Anthony Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Wakefield Susan Head of Department Nursing and Midwifery
Walsh Claire Principal Lecturer and Academic Delivery Manager
Warren Kathryn Senior Lecturer In Advanced Practice
White Abigail Senior Lecturer
White Dr Nick Senior Lecturer In Adult Nursing
Wilde Matt Senior Lecturer - Public Health Nursing
Winwood Bridget Principal Lecturer
Wood David Principal Lecturer
Wren John Senior Lecturer

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