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Honorary awards

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Honorary awards

  • Kate Rusby

    Currently in the middle of an autumn tour of the UK and with a new album soon to be released, Yorkshire's Kate Rusby has made a name for herself as one of the country's top folk singer/songwriters.

  • Karol Sikora

    Professor Karol Sikora, one of the world’s leading authorities on cancer and a pioneer of holistic cancer treatment, has published more than 300 papers and written and edited 20 books about cancer,

  • Julie Kenny CBE DL

    Julie Kelly is recognised regionally and nationally for her contribution to business and commitment to helping young entrepreneurs achieve their potential,

  • Novlette Rennie OBE

    Novlette Rennie is the Chief Executive of Sporting Equals and has been with the organisation since its foundation in October 1998.

  • Johnny Ball

    Johnny's career began in accountancy, but after National Service he worked as a drummer, Butlin Redcoat and comedian.

  • Pam Liversidge OBE DL

    Elected in 1997 as the first female president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Pam Liversidge has forged a successful career in a traditionally male occupation, becoming a respected female engineer and industrial entrepreneur.

  • Sean Bean

    Sheffield born actor who played Romeo in the RSC production of Romeo and Juliet before taking roles in television and film.

  • Sarwar Khan Awan

    Sarwar Khan Awan was born in the North West frontier region of Pakistan and came to live in Sheffield in 1957, where he married and had five children.

  • Rita Britton

    Renowned fashion designer and owner of the Pollyanna fashion store, her work has featured in the Guardian, Cosmopolitan and a host of fashion magazines.

  • Seán Mahon FCA

    Seán Mahon has combined a career as a leading businessman with a commitment to rejuvenating deprived areas and helping disadvantaged groups in Yorkshire.

The degree of Doctor of the University (D.Univ) is awarded to people who have achieved distinction in the fields of learning, the arts, public life, community service and/or have made a distinctive contribution to Sheffield Hallam University, the city of Sheffield or the region. Nominations are invited annually from the University’s staff, students and Governors; we do not invite nominations from the public.

Sheffield Hallam University has been awarding honorary doctorates since gaining status as a university in 1993; it has been awarding honorary fellowships, based on similar criteria, since 1969.

See below for this year's honorary doctorates or you can also view the archive of honorary awards.

If you would like to find out more about our honorary award recipients, please email our press office.

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