AI, Robotics and Digital Innovations

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AI, Robotics and Digital Innovations

New digital technologies can assist people to be physically active, manage their health and promote their independence.

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Cutting-edge AI, robotics and digital innovations have the potential to deliver care that is closer to the patient and community making it more accessible.

Research in this theme develops safe and secure AI-powered technologies that innovate health and social care services, support clinicians to apply best practice and empower people to stay active and live independently for longer.

We are a vibrant inter-disciplinary research community that works with cross-sector stakeholders to co-produce ground-breaking technologies that:

  • drive improvements in public health and innovation across the social care sector
  • support people to remain at work for longer
  • build markets for consumer products and services that better meet the needs of the people
  • reduce the risk of illness and hospitalisation via effective prevention
  • are trusted and adopted by the users because they are secure, reliable, intuitive to use and respect privacy.

Key areas of focus

  • Innovative and integrated computer science, engineering, cybersecurity, psychology and data-driven interventions and technologies to promote physical activity and improve population health.
  • Personal devices and robotics for domiciliary care (mobility, exercise, and nutrition) to improve independence
  • How AI and data science can reduce the burden on the NHS and communities by providing social and cognitive assistance to care receivers, as well as physical assistance to both caregivers and care receivers.
  • Health and social care collaborative robotics to assist healthcare staff support the people they are for to remain active

Theme Leads

Alessandro Di Nuovo

Prof. Alessandro Di Nuovo

Research Theme Lead and Professor of Machine Intelligence

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Photo of Dr Jims Marchang

Dr Jims Marchang

Research Theme Co-Lead and Course Leader in Cybersecurity

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Featured Projects

Diagram of project framework


Intelligent Multimodal Assessment and Coaching Through Identification of Vulnerabilities in Older People

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A person demonstrating robots to a group of people

EMERGENCE: Healthcare Robots from Labs into Service

Facilitating innovative digital solutions for the care of older people

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A group of children playing with a small humanoid robot

Developing new technology for Sheffield Children's Hospital

Developing state-of-the-art products using robotics, artificial intelligence and electronics to transform care for children with specialist health needs

Man sat on a chair putting his knee in a brace

Etexsense: cuff development and testing

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a medical device that treats foot drop (inability to lift the toes during walking) in multiple sclerosis or following stroke.

Elderly with VR headset

Planet Wellbeing: Using Extended Reality to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Loneliness

This project will develop Planet WellBeing - a virtual world to allow people to use natural physical movements to control their avatar performing fun and engaging activities with friends and family and/or strangers in a virtual environment.

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Little girl and robot

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Doctoral Students

Cavan Aulton

Cavan Aulton

Optimising the Use of Machine Learning and Computer Vision in Sport

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Kavyan Zoughalian

Kavyan Zoughalian

Secure Transparent Mechanisms for Multimodal Assistive Robotic System (MARS) in Healthcare

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