Transforming Places for Health and Wellbeing

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Transforming Places for Health and Wellbeing

This research theme explores the environmental, social, economic and cultural causes of inactivity and health inequality that affect the places and communities in which people live and work.

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We undertake high quality research and evaluation that focuses on physical activity, population health, wellbeing, and reducing inequality. We engage in transformative research which impacts on the health and care of individuals and population groups via changes in policy or practice.

The research agenda includes; the evaluation of physical activity-related interventions to address population health and wellbeing, Climate change and working toward zero carbon, Systems thinking, policy change and hyper-local approaches to the promotion of physical activity.

A key focus for this theme is to ensure that the research undertaken at the AWRC finds new, sustainable ways to engage people and communities in our research who are currently underserved and/or otherwise excluded by virtue of social, racial, or economic factors.

Key areas of focus

  • Driving reduction in health inequality
  • Improving health and wellbeing with novel interventions and improvement in services
  • Measuring population health outcomes
  • Public involvement in research and co-production methods
  • Working with individuals, communities and the health and care organisations as academic partners

Key methodologies

  • Systems thinking and mapping
  • Implementation science
  • Participatory action and improvement
  • Whole systems approaches to physical activity
  • Co-production and evaluation

Programme Leads

Katie Shearn

Dr Katie Shearn

Research Theme Lead

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Lucie Nield

Lucie Nield

Research Theme Co-Lead and Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics

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Doctoral Students

Photograph of Elysa Ioannou

Elysa Ioannou

Optimising Physical Activity Interventions after Gestational Diabetes

Meet Elysa

If you are interested in doctoral study with the Transforming Places for Health and Wellbeing research theme, we'd love to chat. Contact us at

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