Completed PhD projects

Completed PhD projects

Sketch of robotic prosthetic arm by Dr Graham Whiteley

Our long history of practice-led PhDs in art, design and media goes back to the earliest days of the ADMRC over 20 years ago. More than 40 students have completed PhD projects, many of whom now have well established international careers as artists, designers, craft practitioners, researchers and educators.



Bolland, Emma. Scripting silence: the expanded screenplay as present-traumatic language

Griffin, Jeanine. Aura in the post-digital: a diffraction of the curatorial archive



Cascella, Daniela. Nothing as we need it for chimeric writing

Middleton, Andrew. The situated agency of studio learning and its value for non-studio disciplines



Knowlson, Amelia. Curatorial insecurity: the impact of 3D scanning and printing on curatorial practice

O'Toole, Bernadette. Beyond the space of painting and poetry: Mallarmé and the embodied gesture

Smith, Rachel. Drawing out Language: From Or to And, Disrupting Dualism through Conceptual Poetics



Al-Ismaili, Amal. Interpreting the Traditional Jewellery of Bedouin in Oman through Contemporary Jewellery Practice

Gent, Susannah. The neuroscientific uncanny: a filmic investigation of twenty-first century hauntology

Herring, Jonathan. Photographic exposure: A critique of the shopping centre



Claisse, Caroline. The augmented house: Crafting tangible interaction in house museums

Day, Michael. Artistic research into distraction, agency, and the internet

Partridge, Rebecca. The Value of a Research Through Design approach to explore Healthcare Service Provision

Taylor, Rachel. Heritage as Process: Constructing the Historical Child’s Voice Through Art Practice



O’Connor, Emma. Re-imagining patient narrative: exploring patient experience of genetic medicine through art practice



Eccleshall, Bryan. Reiterative drawing as translation: Making, resistance, and the negotiated encounter



Bec, Remi. Utilising games and design-research methodology to promote physical activity among adolescents

Harrington, Jerome. Process made visible - in and outside the object

Hobson, Gillian. In Search of Space: Exploring the Dynamic Relation of Person and Place



Chen, Yen-Fu. Creating meaningful bodily expression in virtual worlds : Inquiring methods for designers

Dexter, Matt. Open design and medical products.

Dolah, Mohd Shahrizal bin. How may designers create furniture that allows meaningful place-making in modern office

Ramli, Saiful Hasley. Mocking up: Strategies to engage expert users in designerly thinking



Holmes, Dale. Abstract realism: Non-anthropocentric strategies for constructing non-relational artworks

Carr, Alison. How do I look? Viewing, embodiment, performance, showgirls, and art practice



Santos, Miguel. Poetics of the interface: Creating works of art that engage in self-reflection



Gonzalez, Laura. Make me yours: the psychodynamics of seduction through works of art



Bowen, Simon. A critical artefact methodology : using provocative conceptual designs to foster human-centred innovation.

Lyons, Lucy. Delineating disease : a system for investigating Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva



Wallace, Jayne. Emotionally charged: A practice-centred enquiry of digital jewellery and personal emotional significance

Ehiyazaryan, Ester. Interactive media for enhancing learning and creativity in design and technology education

Shipton, Janet. Understanding the secondary functions of packaging : UK domestic reuse



Horne, Grace. Solid state diffusion bonded damascus steel and its role within custom knifemaking

Wood, Nicola. Transmitting craft knowledge : designing interactive media to support tacit skills learning



Walters, Peter. Knowledge in the making: Prototyping and human-centred design practice



Swindell, Steve. A Study of the Relationship between Art Practice and Citizenship



Whiteley, Graham. An articulated skeletal analogy of the human upper-limb