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Susannah Gent: The Neuroscientific Uncanny: a Filmic investigation of Twenty-first Century Hauntology

A practice-based study explores how filmmaking, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and neuroscience might interact to generate an expanded understanding of the uncanny and the related concept of hauntology

Debbie Michaels: Organisational Encounters and Reflexive Undergoings - A Speculative Weaving in Three Transpositions

Gathering threads from psychoanalysis, art psychotherapy, and the arts I (re)examine the psycho-social role of reflexive art practice in honing sensitivity to the affective dimensions of human situations and experience.

Anton Hecht: Examining Gamefulness in Participatory Art: Space, Participant and Artefact

The study explores how games theory might elucidate and generate participatory art.

Emma O'Connor: The Reclamation of Patient Narrative: Interrogating patient experience of genetic conditions through film

Using film to explore the relations between the experience, its representation, and its communication.

Marney Walker: How can design support the expression of personal aesthetic preferences in dementia?

Although dementia may affect the way we think, we will always know what we like.

Bryan Eccleshall: Resisting Arrest: Doubting the Art Object through Visual Translation

Bryan Eccleshall's research seeks to investigate the nature of that interest in more detail and has moved towards a more nuanced approach

Marika Grasso: Responsive matter: touch-touchscreen relationship through a material explorative approach

The study explores the conductivity of touch through art practice, and material explorative approach.

Azza El Hassan: The Afterlife of an Image - Palestinian Images Following Plundering

This work traces a collection of Palestinian photos and films that have been ejected from public spheres following a series of violent events.

Caroline Claisse: The Augmented House: Crafting tangible interaction in house museums.

With my practice-based PhD, I intended to broaden current practice in exhibition design by means of designing for tangible interaction in house museums.

Jerome Harrington: Process made visible: In and outside the object

A practice-based PhD that investigates our relationship to and understanding of the object and its materiality

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