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Marney Walker: How can design support the expression of personal aesthetic preferences in dementia?

Although dementia may affect the way we think, we will always know what we like.

Amal Al-Ismaili: Interpreting the Traditional Jewellery of Bedouin in Oman through Contemporary Jewellery Practice

Research project exploring the subjective value of traditional Omani jewellery

Debbie Michaels: Organisational Encounters and Reflexive Undergoings - A Speculative Weaving in Three Transpositions

Gathering threads from psychoanalysis, art psychotherapy, and the arts I (re)examine the psycho-social role of reflexive art practice in honing sensitivity to the affective dimensions of human situations and experience.

Caroline Claisse: The Augmented House: Crafting tangible interaction in house museums.

With my practice-based PhD, I intended to broaden current practice in exhibition design by means of designing for tangible interaction in house museums.

Jerome Harrington: Process made visible: In and outside the object

A practice-based PhD that investigates our relationship to and understanding of the object and its materiality

Sophie Parkes-Nield: Thankstide: The English calendar custom as narrative device in contemporary fiction

A practice-based PhD programme, Sophie is writing a novel that incorporates a calendar custom, Thankstide, to examine what it reveals about individuals and communities in contemporary England, and how useful it is as a narrative device for the contemporary creative writer.

Azza El Hassan: The Afterlife of an Image - Palestinian Images Following Plundering

This work traces a collection of Palestinian photos and films that have been ejected from public spheres following a series of violent events.

Rachel Smith: Drawing out Language: From or to and, Disrupting Dualism through Conceptual Poetics

This research address how the material and conceptual form of artist books may be used to explore the partial nature of communication and to challenge the fixity of meaning implied by dualism in language

Louise Finney: Working through Fragments: Fictionalising the Archive

Exploring how archives and indexes can be applied to blur the boundary between fact and fiction

Victoria Lucas: Reclamation Ground: Reconstituting Place and Female Subjectivity through Artistic Practice

This practice-led PhD explores how the materiality of post-industrial landscapes may be used to deconstruct and reconstitute female subjectivity.

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