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Using LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. It is used by both students and those in employment. It's never too early or too late to create a profile, so whatever your year of study why not give it a go.

How can using LinkedIn benefit me? 

LinkedIn helps to get you out there and provides a platform for you as an aspiring professional. You can think of your profile as an online CV but with more functionality. It's a way for you to network with others and to showcase yourself in a professional sense.

How do I create a LinkedIn profile? 

You can set up a profile for free by going to the LinkedIn website.

Go to Career Centre 360 and see How to use LinkedIn

How can I improve my LinkedIn profile? 

  • It might sound obvious but making sure that all sections are complete and kept updated can really help. 
  • Make sure you have a professional profile picture and use a background image to make your profile stand out. 
  • Take a look at a range of other profiles and take inspiration from what works well.
  • List all relevant experience and skills, and focus on responsibilities that are transferrable to the career you are interested in.
  • Add images and examples of your work that show off your skills, such as videos, presentations, excerpts from dissertations, creative portfolios, etc. 
  • Get recommendations - these are particularly useful because they can help to prove that you have the skills and abilities that you are claiming to have on your profile. 

For more personalised advice, book an appointment with an Employability Adviser.

Get some top tips on creating a LinkedIn profile from Johanne Gilroy, Employability Adviser

How do I make the most of LinkedIn? 

  • Make connections by trying out the SHU alumni tool. Looking at alumni profiles could also give you inspiration for building your own.
  • Use the Open-to-Work function to let people know that you are looking for opportunities. Consider adding an #OpenToWork photo frame onto your profile photo.
  • Research and follow relevant companies. 
  • Join and engage with professional groups of interest. 
  • Engage with other people’s posts. 
  • Post your own content. 

Why not try LinkedIn Learning, an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop your creative, technology-related and study skills through expert-led course videos. As a SHU student you can undertake LinkedIn Learning courses for free - visit the Hallam Digital Skills site to find out how to access LinkedIn Learning.

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