Creating videos

Creating videos

Videos are a great way to show and share your work in an engaging way, and creating videos is now easier than ever. From your phone to a digital camera, there are small improvements you can make to improve the quality of the videos you capture.

Tips for Filming

Tips for recording Audio

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a user-friendly browser and mobile app that makes photo editing easy and professional. With simple tools and filters, it transforms ordinary videos and photos into stunning visual stories. Whether you're a new user or a content creator, Adobe Express is your go-to for effortless and creative projects. 


To get started make a free account at or download the app from the app store.


Expert editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing tool used in films and TV. Despite its powerful features, it's easy to learn the basics. After recording, you can effortlessly edit, remove mistakes, and add clips, graphics, and music. The software allows for effects, filters, and titles to give your video a professional touch. Finally, you can export your edited video in various formats to meet different needs.

If you are new to video editing and would like to see comprehensive beginners guide, be sure to check out this jumpstart video from Adobe. 


Introduction to LinkedIn Learning course

For a more in-depth look at adobe Premiere Pro use the Essential Training 2022 LinkedIn Learning Course.

This is a comprehensive guide to Premiere Pro that takes at least one full day to complete. 
Using a project-based approach it begins by touring the interface and then goes through the entire editing process. On completion, you will be able to add this course to your LinkedIn profile. 

How to access Premiere Pro

Premier Pro can be accessed for free on campus via AppsAnywhere.