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Creating videos

Creating videos

Videos are a great way to show and share your work in an engaging way, and creating videos is now easier than ever. From your phone to a digital camera, there are small improvements you can make to improve the quality of the videos you capture.

Tips for Filming

Tips for recording Audio

Editing Videos using Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is professional video editing software, which has been used on films like Deadpool and Gone Girl, along with many others. It has some very powerful features but it is surprisingly quick to learn how to do the basics. Once you’ve recorded your video it is easy to edit it to remove any mistakes, add more clips, graphics, charts, images and music. You can also add effects, filters and titles to give your video a professional look, and then export your edited video in a variety of formats, to suit different requirements.

How to access Premiere Pro

Premier Pro can be accessed for free on campus via AppsAnywhere.

Introduction to LinkedIn Learning course

This LinkedIn Learning course is a comprehensive introduction to Premiere Pro CC 2017 (the version that the university is currently using). Using a project-based approach it begins by touring the interface and then goes through the entire post-capture process - including ingest, organisation, editing, refining, audio editing, basic effects, colour correction, titling, output and more.

The above LinkedIn Learning course is six and a half hours long. If you prefer to jump straight in and learn as you go, you could try this twelve minute video that covers a lot of the basics, from starting your first project to exporting your first video.

Alternatively this curated playlist list of suggested videos covers topics for beginners and more advanced learners in a bit more detail.

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