Websites and portfolios

Websites and portfolios

Having a positive presence on the internet is becoming more and more important, particularly when applying for jobs. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to represent yourself online by creating websites and online portfolios that can showcase your work or business, communicate with others or share information, thoughts and ideas. Wix and Wordpress are popular free online platforms that enable you to easily set up and manage websites and portfolios using built-in templates.

Introduction to websites and portfolios


How to Access the software

This section will focus on using Wordpress, a free web based platform. This can be accessed from anywhere at Although this section will focus on Wordpress there are a range of other online tools available, each with their benefits.

LinkedIn Learning Course

This course will demonstrate the basics of setting up a account and starting your website. It will introduce you to developing and managing your content as well as how you can customise your website.


LinkedIn Learning course

Creating a portfolio is a great way to demonstrate your work to others, or to reflect on the work you do. These can be shared with potential employers to demonstrate your skills. This course will show you how you can build a strong online portfolio on any web platform you choose to use.