It has never been more important that digital materials are accessible for as many people as possible. Digital Accessibility benefits all users but is particularly important for disabled users who are likely to encounter barriers. There are a range of ways to make your content more accessible and easier to engage across various software and platforms.

Why Digital Accessibility Matters

Explore short videos straight from the team here at Hallam to get the latest information on making your work accessible.


Want to Know More?

Check out this handy playlist to inform you of some Digital Accessibility basics.

Worcestershire Council have created the SCULPT anagram to deliver Accessibility information in a succinct way.


Quick Links

There are a bunch of tools that are a useful starting point to begin to test accessibility in your programs, below are some checkers for common issues you may face.

WAVE Evaluation Tool

WAVE Evaluation Tool helps you check your digital content is accessible and meets accessibility guidelines.

WebAIM Colour Contrast Checker

This tool helps you check the colour contrast of your work.

Duolingo CEFR Checker

This tool determines whether texts are appropriate for beginner, intermediate, or advanced learners of English.

Silktide Disability Simulator

Although no online tool could ever replicate what it is like to live with a disability, this Disability Simulator may help some understand how many disabled people are affected and allow them to improve the accessibility in their work.