Low intensity workouts

Low intensity workouts

Low intensity workouts are great for beginners and people that want a less stressful workout session. These sessions are also relatively low impact so can be done on their own or be utilised for warms ups and cool downs alongside another type of workout type. Lower intensity workouts can help to build your aerobic capacity, and therefore your cardio performance.  

Low Impact HIIT

Typically, HIIT workouts carry a higher risk of injury due to the strain that high intensity exercises can have on joints in the body; HIIT workouts are not recommended for those suffering from injury or movement issues because of this. Low impact workouts (or low impact interval training) can be a great alternative for those that want all the benefits of a HIIT session without the added strain on the body. LIIT workouts tend to avoid exercises that would cause impact shock to joints such as jumping or bouncing. Low impact does not have to mean low intensity. 

knee raises

 LIIT Workout 1

Written workout

30 min LIIT 1 (PDF, 599.4KB)
Plank shoulder taps

 LIIT Workout 2

Written workout

30 min LIIT 2 (PDF, 599.9KB)
Backwards lunge

 LIIT Workout 3

Written workout

30 min LIIT 3 (PDF, 599.1KB)
Russian twist

 LIIT Workout 4

Written workout

15 min LIIT (PDF, 599.3KB)
Girl in gym - jumping

HomeFit Workout 21

Low intensity workout

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girl in gym - squatting

HomeFit Workout 22

Table and chair workout

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Squat Hold

HomeFit Workout 25

30 minute low impact

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