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Children, young people and families

Children, young people and families

Welcome to the Foundation Degree Working with Children, Young People and Families, Work Based Learning website

A warm welcome to the Sheffield Hallam University Foundation Degree Working with Children, Young People and Families Work Based Learning website which has been designed to provide easily accessible information about all aspects of work based learning for both students and placement providers.

The Foundation Degree Working with Children Young People and Families is designed to provide the foundation for a range of careers working with children, young people and families. A key feature of the course is its Work-based Learning modules which enable students to gain valuable experience in a wide range of settings. The course is built on a sound understanding of professional and academic requirements and placements are highly valued in that they provide students with the opportunity to observe and learn from skilled professionals and develop their values, skills, knowledge, competence as future practitioners.

Students are advised that they must follow their placement provider's policies and guidelines at all times while on placement.  This includes adhering to your placement provider's guidance on Covid testing, contact tracing and reporting, in addition to meticulous hand hygiene and use of PPE.   Please be mindful of how your actions outside placement could put yourself, your colleagues and service users at risk - use face coverings, maintain social distance and reduce contacts outside your household in accordance with current government advice (COVID-19:infection prevention and control (IPC).

Year one modules are designed to introduce students to some of the key skills and Knowledge required by practitioners working with children, young people and families, for example, safeguarding, assessment and communication and are specifically designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and values to support their first work based learning experience and to enable them to identify links between academic learning and practice. Work Based Learning One placements occur in semester two of year one.

Year two modules are specifically designed to continue to build on the knowledge, skills and experience gained in year one and include the Work Based Learning Two placement which occurs in semester one of year two.

The Foundation Degree is designed to ensure that graduates are able to operate as critically reflective and evidence-based practitioners able to respond to a rapidly changing context and who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competence which are required to meet professional standards of practice and which support ongoing academic and career development.

Covid-19 - Public Health England and Sheffield Hallam University advice

If you have symptoms of covid-19 (link to external website), or a positive lateral flow test, or suspect that you may have covid-19, YOU MUST NOT ATTEND YOUR PLACEMENT.

If you attend your placement while you have symptoms of covid-19 you will put service users/ clients/ patients and staff at risk of covid-19 infection.

Visit the NHS website for information about when and how to self-isolate (link to external website).

Covid-19 Immunisation - Important advice for all students in relation to placement learning

Please note that the government has now published its response to the public consultation on whether to make COVID-19 a condition of deployment within health and social care settings. You can read the original consultation and the government's response here. The government's response confirms that they intend to proceed with enforcement from 1 April 2022, subject to parliamentary approval. At present, from 11 November 2021, all registered care home providers must ensure that they check visitor status as per government guidelines.

Government to introduce Covid 19 vaccination as a condition of deployment for all frontline health and social care workers

HEE advises that should any students or learners opt not to have the vaccination without medical reasons, they will need to talk to their university about the impact this will have on their progression through their programme. For further support and guidance, including for those who are exempt and may require further information on how to continue with placements, please contact your Course Management Team.

Book your coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination

A significant number of our placement providers expect their staff to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and these placements are now requiring all students who attend placement in their organisation also to be fully vaccinated. Any delays in ensuring that you are fully vaccinated could prevent you from commencing a placement.

Students are advised that they must follow their placement provider's policies and guidelines at all times while on placement in relation to Covid processes and reporting.

Updated guidance from the NHS and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

Students are advised that they must follow their placement provider's policies and guidelines at all times while on placement.

Contacting the Working with Children, Young People and Families Team

If you need to contact a member of the Working with Children, Young People and Families Team, you can find email and telephone contact details here.

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