Mentor Preparation and Support

Mentor Preparation and Support

Training for placement supervisors and staff teams

Placement supervisors and the wider staff team play a key role in the formation, development, support and assessment of students and we are keen to ensure that placements are offered training and support in order to enable them to undertake their role competently and confidently.

To this aim we can offer training which aims to familiarise placement teams with the:

  • The course curriculum and structure
  • Work Based Learning (WBL) Processes and Procedures
  • The supervision and assessment of students.

Course participants will receive a certificate of attendance which may be used to demonstrate evidence of continuing professional development (CPD).

Supervisor update information

The placement supervisor is asked to supervise and support the student on placement and to offer ongoing feedback regarding their development and progression. The supervisor is required to undertake two observations of the student and submit a report at the conclusion of the placement indicating whether or not the student has passed the practice element of the placement.

Placement supervisors play a key role in the assessment of students and as such are offered information and, if required, training which aims to familiarise them and the wider staff team with the course curriculum and the supervision, support and assessment of students. The supervisor is acknowledged as the key person to whom the student relates on placement and is responsible for supporting the student to fully access learning opportunities and experiences. 

The following Core areas must be included in all Supervisor updates:

  • Relevant professional standards
  • Overview of the students' university programme
  • Assessment process that occurs in practice
  • Process to follow when a student is failing to progress
  • How to access placement information websites for key information and SHU contacts
  • How to access placement information websites for key information about support available to Mentors/Practice Educators/Supervisors in their role in supporting the students
  • Where SHU placement learning policies are housed on the SHU placement learning websites
  • Processes for escalation of concerns, and the essential need for the placement provider to communicate with the university about any incidents or accidents or concerns

Research Cafes

The Department of Social Work, Social Care and Community Studies holds Social Work Research Cafes throughout the year. When we have permission from the researcher leading a Cafe , we will share copies of their slides on this website:

  • September 2017 (PDF, 266KB) (PDF, 259.9KB) - here you can find the presentation by Ignazia Bartholini, Senior researcher – University of Palermo, The intimate enemy: Gender violence between Public Emancipation and Private Oppression of Love. Models of prevention.
  • November 2018 (PDF, 152KB) (PDF, 1.5MB) - here you can find the presentation by Marti Taru, Researcher - Tallinn University, Youth work: Impacts and role in society.