Preparation and support of clinical staff

Preparation and support of clinical staff

The role is supported by Placement Learning Tutors with formal training and on-going support. Staff can also be supported in applying for access to the College of Radiographers Practice Educator register as part of their CPD activity by undertaking the university's CPD module title 'Learning and Teaching for Practice (Distance Learning)'. 

The Therapeutic Radiography (RONC) academic team have developed the SHU Training for Clinical Staff Supporting Learners in Practice resource to support SHU Radiotherapy Mentorship.  This is available in two formats (links below) for your convenience:

The Allied Health Professions have developed a resource for employers supporting Degree Apprenticeship students, AHP Degree Apprenticeship Employer and Work-Based Mentor website.

Mentor Updates

The following Core areas must be included in all Mentor/Practice Educator updates:

  • HCPC professional standards, including new Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics
  • Overview of the students' university programme
  • Assessment process that occurs in practice
  • Process to follow when a student is failing to progress
  • How to access placement information websites for key information and SHU contacts
  • How to access placement information websites for key information about support available to Mentors/Practice Educators/Supervisors in their role in supporting the students
  • Where SHU placement learning policies are housed on the SHU placement learning websites
  • Processes for escalation of concerns, and the essential need for the placement provider to communicate with the university about any incidents or accidents or concerns

Useful Documents:


Assessors are clinical colleagues that have specifically applied for the role as a Student Assessor and facilitate the Vivas undertaken within the clinical modules.

Initial training is delivered by the Placement Learning Tutor; they then sit in on a Viva facilitated by an experienced member of staff and have an opportunity to discuss processes and outcomes. Finally they then deliver a Viva supervised by their Placement Learning Tutor or experienced Student Assessor.

Student Assessors are required to update their knowledge and skills once per annum, this can include update training or moderation of a Viva by the Placement Learning Tutor.

Degree Apprenticeship - resources to support the role of the Work Based Mentor

Work Based Mentor Website - this site contains resources designed to support the role of the Work Based Mentor who is supporting students on the Degree Apprenticeship route.